Life at 1572: Futile Effort

Futile Effort

I picked up Jack's school pictures this morning.  They turned out so nice.  Of couse I have such a hard time choosing so I just got them all.  I couldn't help myself they are his first school pictures.  My baby is getting big.  In fact to me he looked older than a three year old.  Maybe it is just me.  It is hard for this mama to find the baby in his face anymore.  Then Jack proceeded to have a complete meltdown because he had to go home instead of going to school.  He's still getting over his nasty whatever he had.  He was so mad at me he wanted to go to school so badly.  It took forever to get him to calm down.

This afternoon we went to the doctor.  I am starting to see that it is absolutely futile to take your kid to see the doctor unless they have a visible ear infection, or are vomiting profusely.  The doctor came in (not his normal I-love-him-so-much-I-don't-want-to-think-of-leaving-him doctor) she gave him a quick once over.  I will admit she was friendly, and seemed to know what she was doing.  Basically, his body is doing what it is supposed to be doing he's fine, Bye.  Put a humidifier in his room and elevate him while he sleeps.  This is what my insurance is paying for?

Me: Even though he has a cough that could wake the dead, and his nose is a faucet?

Dr: Nope Nothing.  In fact my own daughter has been coughing for three weeks now, and everyone thinks I am a bad mother.

Um, okay.

It just irritates me because he goes to school and the Moms and the teachers give me dirty looks.  Sorry, there is nothing I can do about it.  This may last a month.  Sorry, my kids is spraying germs across your classroom because he's three, and can't always remember to cover his mouth.  Really, I just don't get it.  Everything is so anti-medicine anymore.  Yes, I get that we are pumping our kids with too many antibiotics, and there is going to be a superbug.  The fact is Jack is hardly ever sick maybe one or two other times in his life.  I don't think a little cough suppressant is going to hurt.  Not to mention when we were kiddies our Mother's were given medications to make us and them feel better.  I don't think we are any worse for the wear.  I need to stick to my instincts, going to the doctor is pretty much useless.

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The Swigarts said...

I agree Amy, every time Kennedy has been sick they have said the same thing, or give her benadryl. Unless she has an ear infection (only had 1 so far) that is it, nothing else. I wish so much that the OC meds were still available for kiddies their age.
Hope Jack feels better soon!!

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