Life at 1572: Chill in the air

Chill in the air

We had a really nice weekend.  Zach had a decent amount of time off of work. We got some rain over the weekend, and that is always nice in my book.  I have been checking the weather looking at the 10 day forecast to see when we would be done with the hot weather.  It looks like it is all gone, and it is officially fall.  Sunday was downright chilly.  I pulled out long sleeves to wear for the day.  The cool crispness makes me want to get outside more.  Zach actually said,"This is getting too cold.  Can we go back to San Diego?"  Aahhh, music to my ears.  Yes, please I will hop the next flight.  We lit our fireplace for the first time.  We have never had a fireplace before.  It is a gas one, but it still put off a decent amount of heat.  I'm not sure what that sort of thing does to the gas bill.  I guess we will have to see.  

The other night Jack looked out our back window and said, "Pink." Yes, indeed the sky was pink so I snapped a little picture.  I love not having anyone live behind us.  

Sunset 9-24-2010

Our cat Diego

Diego 9-22-2010

I was taking pictures of the cat and someone wanted to join in.

Jack and Diego 9-22-2010


Grandma Rosie said...

NO YOU CAN'T GO BACK TO SAN DIEGO!! Not yet. It is so nice to have you so close to family. You have to enjoy a couple of winter's here in the midwest first. We love having you close.

aunt janet said...

Zach I thought you were into the winter snow weather?? Now there is no escape to sunny warmer places, it's not so fun, huh?
Those "pink" skies must be g-ma watching, she LOVED the colorful pinks & blues in the sky.That what it reminds me of.
Pics are good, lazy day cat!


Grandma Nancy said...

Indeed it is wonderful to have you closeer to home for a bit. Having said that, I don't blame you guys one bit for wanting California back! Nice photos as always Ame. Grandma always said, " sky at night, sailor's delight."
Autumn is such a pretty time of the year, and I know it is just about your favorite! Enjoy!

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