Life at 1572: Our First Day of Fall

Our First Day of Fall

Nothing particularly interesting happened for us on Wednesday.  We are now reconnected with the world, and we have cable.  A few minutes before 1:00 in the afternoon I flung open my front door, sweaty and grimy from cleaning, both hands filled with garbage bags and yelled, "Oh my God you scared the crap out of me!" to the nice young cable man standing on my porch.  Nice right? I about died, and he just about died.  He thought I had seen him coming up the walk.  Wow, at least he was on time.  He got us all hooked up, and I have to be honest I am kind of meh about having tv again.  I really didn't mind living off of Netflix.  

Jack and I set out to get some fresh air this evening.  He rode his bike while I walked along with my camera in hopes to catch what was supposed to be a spectacular sunset, and harvest moonrise.  Something that hasn't been seen in two decades.  Unfortunately, it was pretty overcast so I just got a few sunset pictures that look the same as they do every night.  We turned around to go home earlier than we usually do, but Jack was still pooped.  I had to carry his bike halfway home.  

The view from our path
September 22, 2010

September 22, 2010

My view as I walked, he likes to go fast.
September 22, 2010


aunt janet said...

Could of been worse, it could of been Jack & the bike to carry home!
He looks like he is enjoying riding, is there any kids on the block?

Remember those fun days!


Grandma Nancy said...

Cool shots of a beautiful evening!

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