Life at 1572: Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

1. We are anxiously awaiting our cable guy to arrive tomorrow afternoon.  We dropped our satellite, and went with someone new.  I'm not sure if I am going to like it.

2. I am very excited for the new fall tv to begin.  I am sad that I will be missing the beginning of Glee tonight.  Thank goodness the cable will be here tomorrow so I don't have to miss the first Cougar Town. Yay, for Jennifer Aniston.  What shows are you excited are back?  Any of the new stuff look good to you?

3. Jack seems to be enjoying preschool.  He has picked up a couple of not so nice behaviors, and we have had to have talks about that.  

4. Zach and I are starting to feel a bit melancholy in our new place.  It isn't as easy to meet people or new friends as it is when you are on a military base, and everyone is in the same boat.  I am sure everything will come in due time.

5. I am a nerd and I am excited that Beauty and The Beast is going to be rereleased in October.  I have waited so long for this movie to come out of the vault.  It is one of my favorite Disney movies.  I have a book that tells the story, and Jack and I read that at night sometimes.  I am excited to watch the movie with him.  

6. I haven't been doing any running.  I can't make myself get out there.  I have thought about going in the morning before I take Zach to work.  That would be so super early.  I've come home from taking Jack to school and thought about how I should go, but there is so many other things I need to be doing in that bit of free time I have.  I should try though maybe it will help lift my spirits.  

7. I have been having a terrible time sleeping.  Sometimes not falling asleep until 5 in he morning.  I am already a night person/insomniac.  It is back with full force.  

8. I am trying to stop biting my nails.  I know such a gross habit.  I think it is a nervous habit, or something I do unconsciously.  I usually grow them for a while, and then just bite them again.  It drives me nuts because I don't have very strong nails.  They grow and then they break, and then I just want to get rid of all of them.  I've painted them a fun color though to remind me not to bite them.  

9. We are adapting to the military recruiting life.  I think it might be as hard as they say it is.  Zach and have both said it might have been easier if he had just gone to Afghanistan, and that is saying something.  

10.  Anyone want to make me a new header for this blog? Mine is impossibly outdated.  I need to work on it. 

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NeeNee C said...

I love you hunnie hang in there.

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