Life at 1572: Lookin' Good

Lookin' Good

I am really liking the way the new site looks. What do you think?  I really love the tree, I was having a hard time finding something I liked. My knowledge of CSS is limited, but this was easy to put together.  I still have a few finishing touches I need to put on it.  

Now, I need to play catchup with everything that has been going on around here.  Zach finished putting Jack's swing set together.  Jack has big thanks to give to Grandma Rose.  His swing set should bring him lots of fun for a long time to come.  It is nice for him to have something to do in the backyard.  

Here is a video of him playing on it for the first time.  Of course we have our first injury too, but don't worry Jack was completely fine.  I don't think he'll be trying that again anytime soon.

I just wanted to add that the swing set isn't that close to the house anymore.  We had to wait to trim some trees before we could move it to where it needed to be. Watching the video I realized it must look like, "How in the heck is your kids going to swing on that?" 


Grandma Rosie said...

It was Grandma Rosie's pleasure to get that boy this swing set. And I am so glad he will get to use it before the weather gets too cold. But if he is anything like his daddy, that wont matter. FUN RIDE! I LOVE IT.

Love you all

The Swigarts said...

I really like the new banner! You will have to tell me how you did it if I ever get around to updating my blog. Glad to see Jack got the swingset for the back yard. That should provide a lot of entertainment for him.

Grandma Nancy Ricketts said...

Isn't he something? He always makes a person feel good about giving him something.He will play on that "best ride" a long time. Have fun Jackie! You win like you said! He really needs that. It's a nice set too. Good job Rose.
Good video too Ame. Keep em coming and make them as long as you can!

aunt janet said...

Just now took down the kids big wooden swing set- It was a surprise birthday present for austin one year, long time ago!I remember how excited he was when he got on it. I even sat & swang on it several times when Kalyn was little.
Fun days ahead Jack, where is the sandbox?


Kalyn said...

I couldn't help but smile and laugh, he such a funny kid. I use to love my swing set. Even though I don't remember swinging with my mom ^^ lol.
It is a nice looking set. Love seeing videos!

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