Life at 1572: Kisses and Cuddles

Kisses and Cuddles

When Jackson, wakes up from a nap there isn't a lot of moving or talking, just a somber quietness.  I stop whatever I am doing to sit with him and cuddle him in my arms because I know these days will not last forever.  We sit quietly listening to each other breathe, and I sneak in a kiss or two.  Slowly, he starts to wake up, and we sit and talk for a bit.  Yesterday, I had my hand resting on his chest.  He looked up at me and said, "Mommy, you can believe in my heart, and I can believe in your heart." I was a puddle of mush in his hands.  He is my everything.

Fresh from nap

Starting to come around
October 2010

My precious smiley boy
October 2010


Ronda said...

How absolutely precious! Love that you can spend that special time with him like that. That will be something he will cherish as he gets older.

aunt janet said...

Motherhood is priceless, the enjoyment they give, it is so hard to believe some kids in this world don't feel that ever!! Good for both of you.
I still get that flush feeling with my grown up kids. It can stay fun for as long as you want it to.


Grandma Nancy said...

Oh MY heart!! He is so special. I know I am being totally biased but I do say he is a sweetheart and I have to go on to say that it is a direct result of how you both are with him. You treat him with sweetness and tons of affection and he reflects it back to you guys and to all of us! Good job!

Gina said...

What special memories you are creating! He's a lucky little boy!

Donna Boucher said...

I love your header. The tree and font are lovely. As are you tender words of love for your sweet boy !

Aunt Karen said...


I really enjoy reading the blog, He is such a cutie!!!
I'm sorry that I have not blogged back, never took the time to comment. These days are so very special, and for you and Zach to really understand that is EVERYTHING!!!

See you soon!

Love Aunt Karen and Uncle Rudy :)

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