Life at 1572: Wild and Windy

Wild and Windy

I am so not a morning person, and it is a struggle for me to motivate myself to actually get out of the bed.  Especially, now that the morning are getting colder.  I like to start my day with three things Twitter, Facebook, and my Google Reader not necessarily in that order.  I read them while I am snuggled in my warm bed before I even put my contacts in.  As I started reading Twitter yesterday morning the first thing I read was that someone in the Chicagoland area tweeted that NWI was under tornado warning and she was in her basement! I began to panic did that mean Illinois or Indiana?  I bolted out of bed to put my contacts in, and try to find a local news station.  I have barely watched any tv since we have moved so I don't even know what channel is what.  The only thing I could find was Regis and Kelly so I frantically started looking at the weather channel on my computer while googling if my town even has tornado sirens.  I started to calm down when I figured out we weren't in any immediate danger.  Then I signed up to get text weather alerts for any serious weather conditions.  

We did have a strong wind weather advisory for the entire day.  I think the winds were 50mph.  It ripped to shreds one of my Halloween decorations I had outside. I had the neighbor's trash all over my deck.  That made me realize my trashcan was outside.  Every single trashcan and recycle bin were all the way down the street.  I had to try to figure out which one was mine, and I drug it back to our house.  

We have a super strong wind advisory today too.  I think all of this wind is blowing away the last of the warm summer sun.  We are headed for much colder temps around here.  

Okay enough about the boring weather.  Jack had spirit week at school this week. Today was wear your pajamas to school day.  I went out earlier in the week to get him some new pajamas.  He is in desperate need of some 4t pjs.  He's been wearing just long t-shirts to bed since all of his pants are super short.  The only other ones that fit him are feet pajamas.  I love feet pajamas, and I will probably buy him some more since they are just so warm, but I didn't know if the other kids would say anything to him.  

He was so confused as to why he was wearing his pajamas to school.  He kept asking why over and over.  I tried explaining that it was just for fun.  He had a great day they had popcorn and watched a movie in the gym rather than go outside today.  Two of Jack's most favorite things  

I snapped some pictures before we left the house.  He's staring off into space. 

Flashing his cool new pajamas.


Grandma Rosie said...

Such a cool looking dude! He will get the hang of the Spirit Week thing eventually.

Love you all and love the updates

Gina said...

Very cool PJ's!

I thought about you when the weather moved thru here and wasn't sure what part of Illinois you lived in. We had some pretty good wind as well. Just today I realized two of my hanging baskets on the deck are gone. Not sure where they blew off to.

Sapphire said...

I just happened to stumble upon your blog :) Your boy does look fine!!
I can completely relate to what u wrote - I am also not at all a morning person and I need to start my day with facebook and twitter as well!!

hope to drop by again soon!!

take care!

Grandma Nancy said...

Cool jams! Did a lot of other kids participate? I hope so. I remember last year when we worried on crazy hair day that he would be the only one. You were so worried it was going to be the wrong day! He looks so adorable in thse McQueen pj's!

Very funny stories about your wild weather behavior! I can only imagine your pain when you had to go down the street to id and reclaim the trash can! I know how much you love that sort of thing!

aunt janet said...

Amy what will you be like when it is a REAL warning!! Been away from the midwest too long. Just remember little eyes are watching sometimes.
Times have changed -- G-Ma couldn't function without her coffee, I couldn't start without my DP, now its twitter, etc! lol.
Your morning is something I couldn't get into,sorry.Old fashion, no facbook,twitter, if you didn't have this blog,I wouldn't do blogging either. No time.But thanks for the blog,luv it.oooxxx

Grandma Nancy said...

"Chicagoland" area, you sound like Sam Champion!

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