Life at 1572: But it was on my calendar

But it was on my calendar

Last Friday I woke Jack up, and got him ready for school as usual.  Actually, we were running a bit on the hurried late side of things.  Luckily, his school is only 15 minutes away, and even less if I am lucky.  Despite getting a late start I pulled into the parking lot with two minutes to spare.  I walked him into his classroom where I was met by his two teachers and no kids.  I knew I had a look of instant confusion on my face.  This is actually, one of my worst fears is that I am one day going to rush Jack out the door for school on a day that he doesn't actually have it.  

His teachers mentioned it was parent teacher conference day, and I smacked myself in the head because I had completely forgotten.  I had scheduled our meeting weeks before at 8:00 in hopes that Zach would be able to go with me.  He wouldn't have been able to go even if I had remembered.  Jack's teachers laughed as I apologized, telling me I wasn't the only one to show up for class that day.  We even had time to squeeze in our meeting before their next appointment.  

They showed me he portfolio of all of the things he has been doing since the beginning of the year.  They said that he is right on schedule for all of his learning skills, and that he's doing great.  We talked about how much he loves to go to school.  We addressed my only concern thus far, another little boy playing a bit too rough with Jackson.  His teachers have kept an eye on it, and the problem has seemed to resolved itself.  

His teachers did ask me if we had noticed any hearing or listening problems at home.  I could tell they were a little concerned with how I would take this bit of information.  I told them that yes, it is something I have noticed, and has been a concern of mine in the past.  Sometimes, it seems like Jack just isn't hearing things right, but it is hard to tell.  It comes across as maybe he just concentrates so hard on what he's doing that he doesn't hear what's going on around him, or sometimes it looks like a little boy that doesn't like to listen.  Either way I know it can be frustrating.  His teachers said that sometimes it takes them getting in his line of vision before he realizes things like being called to circle time.  I told them that we had his hearing checked in the past, and he passed the test.  I don't think it was very accurate though because the doctor had him listen to a machine to hear a beep, and then Jack had to touch his nose when he heard the beep, and it seemed pretty obvious that he didn't understand the directions very well.  So I told them I would have his hearing reassessed at his 4 year checkup later next month.  

It was great to sit down with his lovely teachers.  I can never say enough how much we love them and his school.  

Love this boy. He's in the middle of chatting with me while I snap some pictures.


Grandma Nancy said...

Oh my gosh he is so adorable. The picture of a sweetheart. Not very masculine compliments but Grandma can say whatever she wants right? We are so fortunate he is ours!

Singell Family said...

Love this picture of him. I do hope his hearing screening turns out ok. I was actually concerned about the same thing with Constance when she was in preschool, but she was fine and seems to have grown out of the not listening thing now. let us know how it goes!

aunt janet said...

His eyes look darker blue in this pic, usually they are so light.
Wonder what year will be the one he has trouble with wanting to stay in school? Each one of mine had a year of that, it seemed like it hit around 4th grade. I think you had a couple of spats also Amy, wanting to stay at G-Ma's instead of catching the bus!!
So enjoy these peaceful school days right now.

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