Life at 1572: Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers

While we were in St. Louis over the weekend Zach and I stopped at what I have heard is the Holy Grail of the cloth diapering stores.  Cotton Babies  I have researched cloth diapering in the past, and at one point I was even thinking about cloth diapering Jack when he was a baby.  Now, I really wish that I had especially since we didn't pay for our water when we lived on the military base.  If we have a second child I really hope to use cloth diapers, or at least give them a try.  

Cloth diapers have come so far from when we might have worn them as babies.  Now, they have all in one systems that work from 8-35lbs.  Jack is still wearing pull-ups at night.  He can stay dry at nap, and sometimes through the night, but we still have nights where he soaks the sheets.  I figured we could pick up a few cloth diaper to try to use at night that way we could save money on pull-ups, and maybe move a step closer to underwear at night.  


We decided to try the Flip System diapers even though I was pretty sure my mind was set on trying the bumGenius diapers.  The difference between the Flip diapers and the bumGenius diapers are the Flip diapers you can reuse the cover up to 6 times as long as it doesn't get soiled, and you just put in a new clean insert.  With the bumGenius diapers you use a fresh diaper every time.  We are trying them for the first time tonight.  Maybe it will help us to save a little money, and we can use them for the next little one.  Of course they have the added bonus of being good for the environment, and that is really nice too.  


patrick and mandi (and little Maya too!) said...

We cloth too! I have bumgenius and fuzzibunz, and love them both :)

Grandma Rosie said...

So are you giving us a hint?

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