Life at 1572: My Father Is A Trash Bag

My Father Is A Trash Bag

My Mother Is A Baker

Yesterday, I asked Jack to sing me the new song he learned at school, and this is what I got. I'm not sure why the Father is a trash bag, and the Elf that is watching him sing is the Elf on the shelf that is reporting back to Santa each night. He said he has some "hurties" in his ear, and he does not his ear is all better. Enjoy!


aunt janet said...

That's alot to remember! I know the song we have one close to it in the nursery at church. There is another one can't think of the name of it, it will hit me later.


Grandma Rosie said...

that is sooooo cute!!!

Kalyn said...

I have watched this video 100 times. it's so cute. during the 100th time i noticed he is wearing the pj's we got him.. wonder if my mom noticed? ^^ lol

love and miss you all!

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