Life at 1572: Our Christmas Weekend Part I

Our Christmas Weekend Part I

I am just now getting around to the lovely details of our Christmas weekend in our new home.  I wish even more family could have made it, but what we had was great.  My mom and Zach's mom planned to come in for the weekend.  We spent Thursday cleaning, and making sure we had everything we would need for dinner.

Friday we started cooking our delicious Christmas Eve dinner.  This is my first time having a Christmas dinner, and our moms haven't been to one in years.  My mom helped me prep the turkey, and we slid that guy into the oven.  We then got busy cooking up some sides, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and some sweet potato bake.  We were set to have dinner around 6:30, but then we got the dreaded phone call. Zach's mom's flight had been cancelled, and she is stuck two hours away in Chicago.  Nothing like spending the night in an airport for Christmas Eve.  

She scrambled to get things figured out, and they told her she could ride a bus down to us, and the bus would be leaving at 7 that evening.  It seemed to be the best way to go since the weather and the roads were so bad.  

We decided we wanted to wait until she got there before we ate so that we could eat together as family.  We were thinking this would be 9:30 latest.  So I took time putting on the finishing touches, and getting the table together.  Then Zach and I made a mad dash out to pick up a few bottles of wine.  Due to the weather and more transportation issues the bus was running a bit behind.

Hooray! We finally got the call to come pick her up at the airport.  

So we settled down to our midnight feast.  Filled our bellies, and sipped our wine. (I think I need a half glass wine limit people)  It was all very fantastic.  

We had our Christmas Eve tradition of opening one present.  Jack got some new Mickey Christmas pajamas.  We put out Santa's favorite cookies and milk.  We made sure the reindeer had some celery sticks.  Then off to bed for Jackson so Santa would be able to do his work.  Jack went out like a light being that it was so late.  (edited: Jack went to bed earlier in the evening before we had dinner)

                                                              The snow coming down all day.

Jack's little tree, and my Angel from my Father.

Our dining table

Reviewing the Elf on The Shelf book.  Reminding him Herbie would be going back to the North Pole.

Traditional New Christmas Pajamas!

Zach reading to us  The Night Before Christmas right before bed. 

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Heather Singell said...

Love your Christmas pictures!!! And Jack's PJ's are too cute!!!

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