Life at 1572: Our Christmas Weekend Part II

Our Christmas Weekend Part II

Christmas morning we all woke up bright and early.  Jack didn't come running out of his room or anything.  I don't think he realized what day it was.  He was excited to see all of the things that Santa had left for him. He got his most requested gift, Mickey's Choo Choo Express.  He got several other things, but I think Santa could have just stopped at the Choo Choo Express because he didn't really care about opening anything else.

That was until he opened Uncle Michael and Aunt T's gift the game Pop The Pig.  This was Jack's number two most asked for gift.  I saw it at Meyer earlier in the month, and it was the last one, but I told Jack we couldn't get it and that he should ask Santa.  Well, I had never heard of the toy, and upon some Google research apparently it is a hot toy, and was also very popular last year.  Then after some more searching I discovered it was sold out everywhere including online unless you wanted to pay three times the price.  Lucky for Jack Aunt T was able to nab the last one at a local toy store.  Between these two gifts he was completely satisfied.  

If it hadn't been the only other thing he asked for I wouldn't have minded if he didn't get Pop The Pig.  The game is a bit disturbing to me.  You shove hamburgers in the pig's mouth while his stomach expands until his belt pops open.  Just a wee bit gross if you ask me. Jack has fun and that's what counts.  

I made my Grandma's traditional breakfast of biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, and grits.  I cried the entire time I stirred the gravy since this is our first Christmas without her.  At 10:00 am we all opened a beautiful poem from my Aunt Janet.  You can read it here if you like. 





Jack got a bunch of new clothes, and you know how boring those can be.  So he would just fling them out of the box into the cat bed.  Diego was completely covered by the time he was finished. 

Christmas evening my Mom, Zach's Mom, and I went to an old 1930's movie theatre that the city has  restored.  They play all the old classics.  That night they were playing It's A Wonderful Life.  Now, this normally isn't one of my favorite Christmas movies, but is was really neat to see it on the big screen.  I saw so many more details then when I have just seen it on tv.  It was a very enjoyable evening.  



Grandma Rosie said...

It was a "WONDERFUL" day. And to be able to share it with all of you was so "wonderful". Thanks!!!!


Heather Singell said...

Oh Amy, that poem has me crying like a baby here! I know it must have been hard for you guys not having her there, but the poem says it all! Glad Jack really enjoyed his presents, and the pic of the cat with the clothes on him is so funny! lol

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