Life at 1572: Michelle Obama Strengthening Our Military Families

Michelle Obama Strengthening Our Military Families

Strengthening Our Military Families --official White House document

     Beginning in March Michelle Obama and Mrs. Biden are starting a  campaign to spread the word of what can, and needs to be done to help strengthen military families.  I do believe there is a disconnect from the majority of the United States, and what is going on with serving military men and women and their families.  I am so grateful that these woman are making this their platform for the coming year.  Less than 1% of the U.S. population serves in our military.  Yet, these brave men and women do so much to secure the freedom that you and I have.  There are some things that I think could be done to help the military and their families.

     I really do hope that they are able to increase the funding, and the amount of childcare that is provided for the military.  I know most military bases have long waiting list to get kids into their centers due to lack of funds and space.  I know some areas also could use a boost in the quality of childcare that is provided.  Although, I never had a problem with this when we lived at Miramar in San Diego.  Now, being a recruiter's wife forced to live off of a military base I know those military families that are forced to live in remote locations do need more options for childcare.  By remote I mean not able to live on a base.  I know that NACCRRA has partnered with the military to help provide childcare to families, but there is still a great need for more providers to link up, and offer their services.  In some locations across the United States there are areas that providers are difficult to find, or at a great distance.  

     I think that more can be done to help spouses find jobs, or be able to continue their education.  More flexible jobs that a spouse would be able to keep even while moving to different parts of the country.  I think providing more job training like office skills could be offered through the military bases.  

     I believe offering more general classes and education in general can help to support military families. The more knowledge you have about a situation the better prepared you can be. Classes on becoming a new parent, marriage support, and dealing with deployments.  They should offer classes that can provide a spouse with the information on the warning signs, and treatments options for dealing with some of the mental problems these military men and woman are facing like PTSD.  

     I think they should go to each military base and evaluate how things are going.  Give out surveys and talk to military families to find out if there is more that can be done to support them.  It is easy for high ranking personnel to assure that things are running well, but you might get a different idea if you talk to the actual families that live on these bases, and live this lifestyle everyday.  

     On more of a side note I think that communities can do all that they can to support the military.  These military members working everyday here in the United States and overseas have an affect on you.  Businesses could provide discounted or even free services to active duty military personnel and their families.  Most people do not know the sacrifices these men and women are making, and often for very little compensation.  Like Mrs. Obama suggested, if you are a member of a church find out who in your congregation is a veteran or active duty military person.  Give your time and see if there is something associated with the military that you can volunteer for.  If you have a photography business offer your services to military families especially, if they are going to deploy.  Most military families cannot afford professional pictures, and these pictures prove to be invaluable while a loved one can be deployed for up to a year or longer.  

     For the most part I do think that there has been a lot done for, and provided to military families.  I do think there is always room for improvement.  The only way I think you can find out what needs to be put at the top of the list is to talk to actual military family members and find out their experiences. 

     If there is something that you can think of that can or should be done please leave me a comment, or even write your own blog post.  Let your voice be heard.   


Semper Fi Momma said...

This post is great! Thank you. :) I really hope we get more wives and military bloggers to link up. If nothing less we'd have an awesome list of fellow military spouse/family bloggers. #SOT

Heather Singell said...

I totally agree with all of it! I do hope in the upcoming year we see some changes. And you are right, most of the civilian world have no idea what our soldiers or their families go through day to day, and with deployments. Great Post Amy!

Aunt Janet said...

Not from a military family life, but one of the disgraceful things, military to PAY AIRFARE!To make any military person pay air fare to get home before deployment or really anytime during his/her enlistment.By all means during an active war time. Whether it be on a military plane or commerical airline -- it should be FREE and AVAILABLE TO THEM!!! and at least little to HALF PRICE for the families of military person!!!

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