Life at 1572: A Work in Progress

A Work in Progress

     So much is going on around here, but it is still just the mundane everyday stuff.  My mom, Jack, and I made an attempt to go home to Missouri last weekend.  One for my sister-in-law's baby shower, and also just go get some time at home with family.  Well, that trip ended up being a bust.  We had our rental car all reserved, and when we went to pick it up they said we couldn't do it.  My Mom wanted to pay cash for it, and they said they needed a credit card.  I tried to give them my credit card, but they wouldn't run it because I didn't have my drivers license.  That is a whole story about how my wallet got stolen at Walmart.  So we repeated the vicious cycle of going to every car rental company in this town, only to be turned down at every single place.  So the trip just wasn't going to happen.  Now, I am working on getting a new military ID and a new drivers license so that we can try this again in a few weeks.

     I was bummed because I had gotten my craft on, and I created a diaper cake.  It was my first attempt at something like that.  I couldn't decide what I wanted to do for the shower, and I thought a diaper cake might be fun to try.  Cuter than throwing a box of diapers into a gift bag!  I think it turned out really cute, but I won't be able to deliver it to the momma-to-be for a few weeks.

Diaper Cake

     I have been working bit by bit on getting things together to try to launch a photography business.  I wouldn't say that my heart isn't fully in it; it is just that I am REALLY nervous and scared.  I am putting it out there to everyone that I am trying to make this work, and I am going to feel awful if I fail.  I have to give it a try.  I am lucky to have Zach by my side pushing supporting me all the way.  I have been working on getting my logo designed, and getting my website set up within the next few weeks.  My big worry is attracting customers and clients.  We don't really know anyone where we live now, and I am trying to figure out how to get my name out there.  It is all going to take so much work, but I am not expecting overnight success.  I am so appreciative of the ongoing support of have from friends and family.  

     For the past few nights Jack and I have set up a little work station for him.  He and I have been practicing writing his letters.  I have been spelling out his name, and he traces my letters.  Then he chooses a few letters, and we work on the capitol and lowercase letters.  The first night we did it he was a bit frustrated, but last night he really seemed to enjoy it.  He had a huge grin on his face, and I could tell a feeling of accomplishment.  

Learning Letters-101


Debra Gilbert said...

The diaper cake is fabulous Amy. I'm sure she will love it! Sorry to hear about the delay in your trip home. I'm very excited to hear about your photography business. I have every confidence you will succeed. Hugs to all of you.

Heather Singell said...

You will do great with your business Amy, our pictures turned out wonderful! I cant wait to see your website and you will definitely be taking our family pictures again :) We have been working with Ivy too on her letters. She is totally different than working with Constance so I am having to tweak the way I am teaching her. It takes her a little longer but she is getting there. She can write her name so now we are moving on to other letters as well! Wish we lived closer and we could do it together with them :)

Anonymous said...

OMG - the diaper cake is ADORABLE! I normally wrap my diapers around each other in a huge circle, but I am going to try wrapping each individual diaper next time - so much cuter!

I think your photographs are amazingly beautiful, so I have no doubt that you will find success in starting your own business. You can do it! I wish you the best of luck - let me know when there is a Facebook Fan Page so I can like it!

aunt janet said...

Jack looks so big now, never to;d us, do we have another lefty in the family?

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