Life at 1572: It's The Big One!

It's The Big One!

Just like half the country is we are gearing up for the BLIZZARD, and what they are saying could be the worst snow storm in our nation's history.  Now, I think that is pretty amazing, and it will be interesting to see if we actually get the ice/snow they are predicting.

Either way, I was not going to be the fool stranded in my home without the necessities like milk and bread.  I went to the store yesterday morning, and buy 10:00 am our grocery store was almost out of milk.  The checkout lines were at a dead stand still, and wrapping around the store.  Oh, the fond memories this brought back of the commissary....  Anyway, my mom and I stood in line while the cashiers kept going on and on about how crazy and busy everything was.  Honestly, I know I would have hated to be in their shoes yesterday.  I was finally able to escape our Kroger without a minute to spare to go pick up Jackson from school.  

They are predicting something along the lines of 12-18 inches of snow. I think it is kind of awesome.  I hope everyone can stay safe and warm in their homes, but I am a bit excited to see if we actually get that much snow.  I am pretty sure that will be the most amount of snow I have ever seen in my lifetime.  

The downside is that we can't all be warm and snuggly as a family safe and sound.  No, Zach's boss decides that no matter what Zach WILL be going to the office to get work done.  Forget about the fact that he could basically do everything he needs to from home, or the fact that is supposed to be a blizzard.  Of course Zach should have to go into work to make hundreds of phone calls to try to set appointments for people to come in on Wednesday when we could have tons and tons of snow.  Have I mentioned that I hate Zach's boss?  I am not worried about writing that piece of information on here because even if the man found out it couldn't possibly change how things work around here.  I have been trying to decide if I want to let it all out about how recruiting duty has been for us, and I'm just not sure I want to yet.  Making your Marines go to work in a blizzard though pretty much gives you an idea.  

I plan to maybe do a little crafting, a little cleaning, and hopefully a bunch of movie watching.  Let's hope there are some great tv movies on for the next couple of days.  Is it just me or does the instant Netflix thing need to update their movie choices in a really bad way?  

What are your plans over the next few days?  I hope everyone stays safe and warm.

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Aunt Janet said...

Oh yes SNOW!!! This is the amount of snow I grew up with even tho it was in Wisconsin for a short time. Most Mo. snows aren't this dry & drifty. that's why it reminds me of Wisc. It does seem like we eat more during a snow day, guess JUST in case we loose electricity,lol!

Be safe, watch out for the other guy!


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