Life at 1572: Our new fur babies

Our new fur babies

     We have some new babies here at our house.  Meet the newest members of our family.

Millie she is a 2 year old  cocker spaniel/silky terrier mix.  She weighs 20lbs, but she's really little.  She's just really solid.
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Adi she is 4 years old, and 10lbs.
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We were able to adopt them last Sunday.  I actually, adopted them from a girl I went to high school with.  She put them up on facebook, and there was just something about Millie's face.  I wasn't even thinking about getting a dog at all.  Something about her sweet little look I just had to have her.  Then the girl I was taking her from asked what I thought about taking Adi, the min pin too.  I was a little more hesitant because that breed has never really interested me, and I've always thought they look mean.  I felt bad and couldn't say no so I agreed saying that we would give it a try, and we would foster her, and continue to look for her a home if we needed to.  We let it be a surprise to Jackson just incase things didn't work out.

We went and got them, and they are perfect car riders.  Things went really smoothly.  I felt bad for the girl that was giving them away, but she is going to be doing traveling in the next year so she knew it would be best if they got a new home.  We have spent a week with them, and it has been great.  Monday night I was a bit worried that I had made a mistake because I knew I liked the dogs, but I didn't know if I could love them.  We had Sam as a puppy, and it was just easier.  Even though it is just a few days later I can say I really do love them, and we have all become very attached to them.  They are both such sweethearts, and I think it is safe to say we will be keeping Adi.  I am really happy they are girls.  I am always surrounded by so many boys, I was excited to buy them some pink collars.  

We also picked up a few pieces of furniture.  Our local Borders book store is going out of business so I got put on the list for their fixture sale, and I was able to go pick out a few pieces I was interested in.  We put this in Jack's room.  Initially, I wanted it downstairs in the playroom, but we like to keep his books upstairs so I decided that might be a better place for it.  I just love it.  It doesn't hold all of Jack's books, but he has his other bookshelf for them.  I am such a nerd I would have killed to have something like this in my room when I was little.  I think it is wonderful that Jack loves to read.  We read him his choice of books every night.  I hope he always loves to read.  I am going to get bins for his toys on the bottom shelves. 


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Mom said...

I so love the shelves. Yes you are your mother's daughter, I would have loved one of those as a little girl too!

The new babies are so precious and have the greatest personalities. Fantastic lover girls. You are very fortunate to have them and they are lucky dogs to have you!

Jeanne said...

I love that you adopted both those dogs. The little one looks my Maggie who is the same color but is a long hair doxie. And the min-pin, I have never been attracted to them either. I think I like floppy ears better but the look in his eyes in that picture. OMG. You did a good thing giving them a home together. Glad I found your blog to read it.

Mommyof2girlz said...

Congrats on the new fur babies, you captured them perfectly. Stopping by to follow via Semper Fi Momma, wonderful to meet you :)

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