Life at 1572: Great Products For New Parents

Great Products For New Parents

New Baby Essentials 

I thought I would share with you some of the baby items I found most helpful and useful with our little ones.  

These products are obviously all products that we have found useful, and that we love.  It is just our opinion.  Feel free to leave a comment about any baby items that you think rock!

1. Aiden and Anais Swaddle Blankets- Is it crazy that part of me was excited about having another baby because it meant I got to buy these blankets?!  I couldn't wait to use these.  They are made of a light weight muslin that gets softer and softer as you wash them.  They are square measuring 47"x47" so they are extra big and awesome for swaddling.  If you have ever tried to swaddle a baby you know it is important to have a big square blanket, and all of those receiving blankets that you get are tiny rectangles.  We use them for more than just swaddling.  They make a handy burp cloth if you need one, great for tummy time, and they are a nice light weight blanket since the weather is getting hotter.  

2. Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Newborn Rock N' Play Sleeper- Big name, GREAT product.  It isn't just for newborns it has a weight limit of up to 25lbs.  This thing is great it is so soft and plush.  When Grayson was a newborn all he wanted to be on was something soft.  Baby sleeps in it at an incline, and this is awesome if your little one suffers from reflux.  Also, it seems like most little ones don't want to be flat on their backs.  It folds up practically flat.  It would be very easy to store or to use for travel.  We have already thrown ours in the car and taken it camping.  If you are looking for a space saving solution you could use this instead of a bassinet or pack n' play.  I loved it because when Grayson was a newborn I could have this in the living room with me, and he could sleep near me.  I wish they had this when Jack was little.

3. The Happiest Baby On The Block by Harvey Karp, M.D.- I know they have a book and a dvd.  I read the book when Jackson was a baby.  This book and Dr. Karps's advice is awesome! He teaches you the 5 S's Swaddling, Side/Stomach Position, Shushing Sounds, Swinging, Sucking. They worked great for Jack, and they have worked again for Grayson.  Great tips to help you soothe and calm your baby.  Grayson love to be swaddled, and the shushing works instantly for him.  Get this book!

4. Safety- 1st Space Saver Fold-Up Infant Tub- I love this baby tub.  I love that it can fold up, and easily be put away.  When folded it takes up very little room. It fits easily into the sink, or you could use it in your big bathtub.  I had a bigger fancier tub for Jack when he was little, and I hated how big it was and how much room it took up.  His Grandpa gave us this, and I never looked back.  Like I said I love that I can use it in the kitchen sink.  It saves my aching back from having to bend over.  It can be harder to find so you might do an internet search for it.  I know it can usually be found at walmart.  I do reccomend if you use this tub then get some type of Comfy Bath Sponge place that in the fold-up tub it makes it cushier for a newborn, and less slippery.  Bonus this tub is very inexpensive.

5. The Moby Wrap- We bought our Moby at a home show when Jack was 6 months old.  Zach and I both love it, and we both wear it.  We used it all the time with Jack.  Both of us couldn't wait for Grayson to be born so we could put him in the Moby.  It is great to be hands free sometimes, and the Moby is very comfortable.  There are also so many positive things that go along with baby wearing.  Babies almost always fall asleep in it so it is great if you have a fussy little one.  I do find that people either love their Moby, or they hate it.  If you get one just practice, and practice some more.  If anyone has any questions about using their Moby or would like some tips please e-mail me.  

6. A White Noise Machine- I highly recommend some type of white noise machine.  The one I have pictured is the Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine, but I don't have any experience with this one.  We just had a generic sound machine for Jack that he used, and he preferred the ocean waves sounds.  Grayson likes the actual white noise sound, and he prefers an app I have on my phone.  Yes, my tiny baby uses my iphone.  Babies do great with white noise for many reasons especially, the white noise shushing sound because it sounds like in the womb.  I turn on the white noise and Grayson is out like a light.  We have also used it to help calm him when he's screaming in the backseat of the car, and we can't get to him to shush in his ear.  (Seriously, read The Happiest Baby on The Block)

7. Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags- If you are going to be doing any milk storing then I really recommend these storage bags.  I used them with both Jack and Grayson.  I never have had any trouble with them leaking or anything.  They are nice because you can lay them down in your freezer, and the bag goes flat.  Making it much easier to store the flat frozen bags of breast milk.  I have used a few other kinds, and they don't freeze completely flat.  

8. Johnson's Nursing Pads- Even if you don't end up breastfeeding you should pick up some of these nursing pads for when your milk comes in.  I have used these pads with both boys, and they are fantastic.  They are soft and very absorbent.  They are contoured, and nearly undetectable under clothes.  I like them because they have a bit of a shape to them, and that is nice to wear in my nursing tank tops.  I believe they have redone the
 packaging, and the box is now pink.  So look for them in this blue box, or the newly designed pink one.  

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