Life at 1572: A look through the iPhone

A look through the iPhone

Here is a look at my life around me through the iPhone. It seems to be my go to camera these days.  

 Jack and Daddy stacking the leftover cups from Jack's lemonade stand.  Jack just started doing this on his own, and then Dad really got into it too. 

 I got Grayson a Sophie in hopes that he would like to chew on her.  Sophie is a very popular teething toy for babies.  He loves it, but still has a hard time holding onto her.  I'm hoping it becomes his new favorite things since he won't take a pacifier, but still wants to mouth and chew on everything.

 We have been having Jack make his bed.  He used to get VERY frustrated while making it.  Always complaining that he couldn't do it.  Usually, before he would even go in and try.  It wasn't that he didn't want to make it, but he wanted it to be perfect.  I've worked with him telling him it doesn't have to be perfect just as long as he puts in a good effort.  He was so proud to show me this.  He's doing a great job.

 Grayson was taking a short snooze on our bed, and he woke up to find his Mama staring at him.  I'm always amazed by this tiny baby boy.  He steals my heart. 

 Took a few fast pictures of Grayson.  He has so many faces, and I just want to capture them all.  Loving his smile.

 Watching his big brother play t-ball.  We have evening t-ball from 6-7:15. Grayson was tiny when I signed Jack up so I didn't put much thought into the time.  Grayson likes to be in bed at 7 so I was worried what it would be like having him out.  So far he's been great.  Sometimes he sleeps but usually he likes to be out watching his big bro. 

 Speaking of big bro we are working on that summer bucket list. Things aren't going quite as planned (do they ever) this is our first outing to one of the splash parks here in town.  We have been to two of them now, and just one more to go.  Jack is having a BLAST! He's playing with kids, he's outside, he's enjoying the water.  This was the first time we've been to this one this summer, and at first he didn't want to get wet.  He was scared to go through this green circle spray thing, but soon he warmed up to it and realized how much fun everything could be.  We were there for hours!

 Grayson is enjoying his jumperoo.  He can't touch the ground just yet in it, and he's only spending 
5-10 minutes in it at a time. We started him in it much younger than we did with Jackson.  I don't think we even bought this jumperoo for Jack until he was 5 months or older.  On this day Grayson tuckered himself out and fell asleep in it.  He kept jerking himself awake when he'd move and make the music play. 

One more picture of my happy little guy. 

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Lisa said...

I like looking through the I -phone with you! Keep it up.

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