Life at 1572: Dipping My Toes In

Dipping My Toes In

I took some quick pictures of Grayson today.  I could call them his 4 month photos since he's 4 months old today.  (How is that possible?!) I hope to do a more detailed session with him.  These were just some quick snaps after a diaper change in his room.  Right before nap time too, tired little guy. 

I made a watermark tonight.  Something I have been dragging my feet about for a long time.  I'm going to dip my toes into the photography world.  I'm really scared about it.  Mostly, because I am so critical of myself.  I'm constantly asking my husband if they look okay because I think all of my work looks bad. I'm not sure how to get over that.  I really lack the confidence.  I'd love to have a bit of a business someday.  Even if it was something I did once in a while.  I really do enjoy photography especially, with little babies.  

I just love his little bottom lip sticking out.  I am so glad that I captured this moment.  He doesn't do this all the time, but I've been wanting to get a picture of it.  He goes from bottom lip out to full fledged screaming pretty quickly so it is hard to just get that cute pout. 

 I convinced him he was okay, and he was my happy little guy again.

I bought this hat hoping to use it in a session when he's a bit older, but we tried it on for fun. 


Michelle Leigh said...

I think you do a fantastic job and you must have a little bit of confidence since you strive to start a business. Just let go of what others think and just be true to yourself. That's what it will take to get started! And, that little guy is so sweet! Love that lip, and those gorgeous blue eyes!

Lisa said...

Amy you have shown right here that you have what it takes!! All you need to do now is market yourself. Get a website started with some of your favorite photos. Make some business cards and put them up around town at daycares, churches, libraries anywhere you can. If you don't t try you'd ll never know if you can!

zach said...

Babe, I know that you always here it from me but the pictures that you take are great. I am proud to see that you are actually going to attempt to get your feet wet, this is awesome. I know that as long as you try at this you will succeed. I love ya

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