Life at 1572: Grayson 4 Months

Grayson 4 Months

Grayson turned 4 months June 28th.  I'm trying to figure out how he is 4 months old already, but at the same time it really does feel like he's been here forever.

Weight: 13lb 3oz 10%
Height: 23 in less than 2%
Head: 15.75 in. 3% 

I thought he was small when he was born weighing 5lb 11oz, but maybe he's just going to continue to be smaller than average.  Jack was always low on the weight percentiles, but never the height.  Despite being on the smaller side he's still growing just fine along his own curve.  

At his brother's t-ball game.  Hot baby!

He had just started doing a little pushing up with his head and arms while on his tummy a few weeks ago.  Previous to that he was content to just suck on his fists.  

July 2nd he rolled over for the first time back to his tummy.  It was shocking because he'd never even attempted before, and next thing I know I look over and he's doing it.  Now, he needs to learn to roll back because he gets so angry when he gets stuck on his tummy.  I remember how eager I was for Jack to be doing the next big thing, and with Grayson I'm content to let him move at his own speed.  

He's a good sleeper (knock on wood) I have read that at 4 months they can start to go through sleep regression since they are starting to learn new things.  So far he has just been awesome, and he's far exceeded my expectations.  I'd say he's been consistently sleeping through the night from six weeks on.    Right now, he goes down between 7-9 and he sleeps until at least 5:30 sometimes 7.  He also, doesn't like to be put to sleep no rocking for this little guy.  He just wants to be put in his bed.  He has to have his blanket to rub his face on (we check him) and he's out.  We were also able to stop swaddling him when we put him down. 

He's still never slept in his crib.  Not even for naps. I'm sure that will be an interesting transition when the time comes.  He still naps and sleeps in our room beside our bed.  No, real reason for him not being in his own room.  We need something to block the daylight, and we need some baby monitors.  Easy fixes that we just haven't bothered with.

He's a fantastic nurser, but we struggle with him taking a bottle.  I've tried a ton of them, and I finally narrowed some of the problem to silicone nipples.  They are just too slippery for his mouth, and he has a very forceful tongue thrust.  I've tried a few rubber nipples and it is just hit or miss.  

Embarrassing story of the week Thursday night at Jack's T-Ball game Grayson started getting hungry, and I tried to give him the bottle I had brought with us.  He was having no such thing and he started to get hysterical.  So I pulled my nursing cover out of my bag got us situated and started nursing him.  Not easy or fun in 100 degree heat, and a kicking hysterical baby.  The embarrassing part was when I looked up I realized I was sitting directly behind home plate,  and one of the coaches was pitching to the boys.  These coaches are high school maybe college age guys.  So I'm staring at this guy while nursing Grayson.  It had to be slightly awkward or at least distracting for the guy.  Oops.  Note to self don't sit directly behind home plate.  Oh well, at least things were covered.  That is the only time I have ever been embarrassed while nursing one of my babies.  And I have nursed all over the place planes, trains, beaches, restaurants, you name it I've probably fed my kid there.  

He's very happy rarely fussy unless something is wrong.  He hates to be wet or dirty, and he's back to being a happy guy as soon as he's changed.  

He's starting to really enjoy his playmat.  Grabbing all of his toys, and pulling them into his mouth.  Rolling over and getting stuck.  

He hates the car.  I dread trips with this boy.  Even just in town he cries.  Nothing soothes him we have music, we have toys, and nothing works.  He screams and he screams LOUD.  Pretty much hysterical, and we all feel crazy in the car.  Zach road halfway to Indian turned backwards with his finger in Grayson's mouth so he would stay quiet.  Sometimes I still have to get into the backseat with him.  

He loves his big brother.  Jackson always puts a smile on his face, or he has him letting out shrieks of delight.  Grayson shakes with happiness to see his big brother.  

We are still cloth diapering and loving it.  Grayson's bottom seems to like it too.  He's never had any diaper rash.  
Grayson loves to be outside.  He's already been camping 3 times in his little life.  He's done really well. He loves to just look around.  He doesn't mind going out to the pool or splash parks with big brother.  He's even been a good little guy in the 100 degree heat at his brother's t-ball games.  

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We love him to pieces.  


Bronte Dawson said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love your blog by the way, how did you create the flash banner at the top?

Burgh Baby said...

I bet he looks completely different now that it has been a few weeks since you last posted! *hint*hint* ;-)

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