Life at 1572: Tales of Kindergarten

Tales of Kindergarten

So Jack is the big Kindergartner now.  So far he seems to be enjoying himself, and I am slowly getting use to it.  (Okay is it used to or use to I can't ever get it right and it drives me nuts) I think he's going to want to go full day.  He said he misses me when he's at school, but he doesn't cry about it.  Everyday, when he gets home he exclaims loudly how good it is to be home.  Melt my heart.  

We've had a few trouble spots here and there.  Some things this Momma is probably going to just have to get over.  His biggest issue has been lunch.  The first day all he ate was his carrot sticks, but heck I'm not going to complain at least he ate them.  The second day he left his lunchbox at school.  The third day I sent him with a packed lunch in a gallon ziploc along with the request that he retrieve the lunchbox.  When he got home from school I inspected his backpack, and discovered his entire school lunch untouched.  My first though was that he had eaten nothing, but turned out he said he just bought hot lunch. 

 Now, things are different from when I was in school and we had paper lunch tickets that the cashier had to punch.  Now, each kid has an online account, and parents put money into the account through an website.  Each kid basically, gets their own little lunch credit card.  Are you seeing where this is going?

When I asked him about his untouched lunch he told me he just gave the lady his card, and he had hot lunch instead.  Zach and I laughed that our 5 year old is putting us into debt.  Sure enough after school that day I got a call from the school saying our account is -1.85 and to please add funds.  So we have had long talks about how he needs to eat his lunch, and how he has to eat what his mother sends him.  

My only other issue is really having no idea what he's doing all day.  It is driving me up the wall.  I don't want to be that parent, but I'd like to have some sort of idea.  Getting Jack to tell me what he did is like pulling teeth.  I get it out of him in drips and dribbles throughout the evening.  I fire questions at him like was PE after you ate lunch? Just so I can try to piece together what time he does things.  I'm giving it another week, and then I am going to be that parent e-mailing the teacher for just a simple idea of how their day goes.  


Grandma Rosie said...

I read this blog and look at all of the pictures of Jack and wonder, "where did that little boy go?". So hard to believe he is in school and Mamma, he is just like his dad. It was like pulling teeth to get info out of Zach when he was in school. Do not feel bad emailing his teacher. I believe it show's you are interested!!!!

Kalyn said...

I think teachers should send out one big email to all parents letting them know how things are going in class, and what the kids are learning etc. because what 5 year old is going to want to come home and talk about what they did today? They should have to do that all through school, so parents who want to know don't have to feel out of the loop. It helps the kids when homework comes around, that parents know what they should be doing, or if anything major comes up in class. Just my opinion.

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