Life at 1572: Eat, Sleep, and Be Scary

Eat, Sleep, and Be Scary

Our weekend started a bit early when Jack became sick.  He had been fighting a cold earlier in the week, and when he woke up on Thursday it was obvious he would be missing school. He had a temperature of 102, but he was handling it well.  He snuggled on the sofa with his favorite pillow and blanket.  He asked me to sit with him and hold his hand.  In all of his 5 years he's never been sick like this with a fever. I stayed by his side, and we watched a marathon of How It's Made. Toward the end of the day his fever was 102.5 and just seemed to be rising so off to urgent care we went.  To sit in the germ infested waiting room forever. He was negative for strep throat, and that is what I guessed he had so back home with no medicine, just recuperating on the sofa.  


Here is Mr. Grayson fresh from his bath.  He's such a ham, and in this picture he looks like a beefcake.  Who doesn't love a dimpled baby bottom? He is such a joy.

Jack was finally feeling better yesterday so we made plans to head to the pumpkin patch.  We drove all the way there, and the farm had decided to close early due to the weather.  It had rained a bit earlier in the day.  Jack was bummed.  He was getting cabin fever from being in the house on the couch for the past three days.  So we wandered around a Halloween store in town.  The hubs tried on creepy masks.  Even though this one is so plain, something about it gives me the shivers. 

It is becoming a tradition for pancakes or waffles on the weekends.  I decided to add some pizzaz.  I thought some pancake art might do the trick.  Not too shabby for my first attempt.  

It was a baking weekend.  I made coconut cream pie, and it was delicious.  The hubs insists he dislikes coconut, but he proceeds to eat half the pie.  It might not be the most beautiful, but it is tasty!  The boys also requested chocolate chip cookies so they got those too.  Jack told me they tasted so good, and they make me the best Mama.  That boy has learned his way around a compliment! 

Here is Grayson at 2:00 am when I am writing this.  He has to sleep with the blankets touching his face. It can be so freaky, but not matter what you do he can't sleep without it.  He's getting so big so fast.  

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Kalyn said...

He must like dimple baby bottoms too cuz he sure is checking himself out lol way too cute!

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