Life at 1572: Last Day Of Kindergarten

Last Day Of Kindergarten


Jack had his last day of kindergarten today.  He's a big first grader now.  That is hard to believe.  Sometimes I look at this tall lanky kid, and I wonder where he came from.  He's so big.  It really does go so fast.  He's so sweet, such a big heart. I'm amazed with all the thing she learned this year.  Such a boom for him socially and academically.  I can't imagine what first grade is going to bring for us.  We are so proud of him, and all of the things he has accomplished this year.  It is a blessing to watch him grow.  Becoming his own person more and more.

I just made him crawl into my lap and let me love on him.  Let me give him kisses and stare at the spattering of cute freckles across his nose.  I hope he lets me do that when he's seven.  Six is so magical, I love this age he's a fun kid.

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