Life at 1572: So Here We Go

So Here We Go

Here it is 2014.  I'm not really making any resolutions this year.  One thing that has been eating at the back of my brain has been getting back to blogging.  I think of so many stories I want to get written down, and I have so many ideas, but they just never make it here.  So I am going  really try to do more blogging this year.  To actually keep up on what is going on around us.  

Now, I'm just not sure where I want this space to go.  Maybe this is going  be a rant about how I feel, a journal for us to remember the things that we have done and our journey as a family, or maybe it is going to just be about how I'm trying to remember to keep the damn goldfish alive because like I really need one more thing to worry about.  Whatever it is I hope it is more.  

Right now I am feeling a little stressed. Zach is gone for 6 weeks for training in California.  While him being gone doesn't really stress me out it is the little things that just add up.  Before he left I asked him if he had any ideas of things I could do to make his time away easier on myself and the boys.  Of course he came up with nothing.  I thought about the stressful parts of my day.  The things that really seem to be the most difficult around here.  

1. The dishes
2. The laundry
3. After school/dinner
4. Going out to do things

I've been brainstorming on ways I can try to relieve some of the stress from these areas in my life.  Starting with the dishes.  I don't know what, but I hate dealing with the dishes.  I hate loading and unloading the dishwasher.  I hate them piling up in our sink.  I hate how our dishwasher is horrible, and doesn't clean them the right way anyway and how you can't fit everything you need to in there.  So other than going all paper plates and plastic utensils I've been thinking about what I could do in this area.  I've decided on an experiment.  I've set aside the three of us each our own place setting 1 plate, 1 bowl, and Jack and I have a larger bowl that we sometimes like to use.  I moved all the other dishes up out of the way so I won't be tempted to just grab them.  I figured this way I can choose to use the paper plates we have, or hand wash our dishes after each meal.  I don't love hand washing dishes either, but hey it is done and over with.  I'm going to see if this eases some of my stress and hatred towards the dishes.  I figure baby steps.  See what works.  

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