Life at 1572: Wading and Waiting

Wading and Waiting

I kind of feel like we got jipped out of the weekend, it went by so quickly.  Zach had mini bootcamp with his poolees all day Saturday.  We were sure missing him after him being gone all week in St. Louis.  He came home fried and dead.  We made it through half of a movie before calling it a night.  

I can't tell you how much I look forward to Sundays now that we have found a church we like.  It is one of those bigger churches with a huge congregation.  We've been going for a little over a month I think.  When we first stepped into the church I got an overwhelming feeling.  It felt like home.  It felt amazing.  It was very similar to our church The Rock that we attended in San Diego.  My only regret is that we didn't try this church sooner.

When we first moved here we thought we would try a smaller church.  That it might be a better way for us to connect with the community and make some friends.  I'll admit we didn't try very hard to find a church home, and we just tried the one.  We tried to make it work, but it just didn't fit us.  We liked the Pastor, but we couldn't get into the music and songs they sang.    The church really pushed community and fellowship, but all we felt was left out.  Everyone already seemed to know one another, and even though we were going every week the same people kept introducing themselves to us.  We felt a bit invisible.  It didn't help that with Zach's work hours we couldn't ever attend the small groups that met in the week during the evening.  So we stopped going, and we didn't look for any other churches.  

I really felt God telling me we needed to be in church.  That we needed to find a place to go.  I tried to ignore it, but God is hard to ignore.  So we decided one weekend to try our new church, and we all love it!  Jack can't wait for Sunday school.  It fills my heart to see him so excited, saying he can't wait to see his Sunday school teacher.  

Back to our weekend.

Zach was kind to let me sleep in on Sunday.  Poor thing was up at first morning light.  We really need something to block out the light in our bedroom.  I can sleep through anything, and I did it was great.  We go to the late service in the afternoon, so we have plenty of time to relax a bit in the morning.  

This Sunday's service was particularly poignant to our lives right now.  We are working through a passage about journeys about Joseph, son of Israel and his brothers.  It brought tears to my eyes thinking about our journey right now in life.  Dealing with the unknowns of Zach's job, and the crossroads before us.  At the end of the service they asked for people to come down for prayer and for healing.  Everything in me was telling me that we needed to go, but I was hesitant.  I've never made a step like that in church before.  I kept singing and watching others walk down to the front, and God kept shouting at me to go.  I turned to Zach and asked if he felt he should go himself, and he gave me a firm no, almost sounding upset.  So I kept singing and God kept telling me I make a move.  So I asked Zach if he would go down with me, and he agreed.  An Elder prayed for us and our situation.  I thanked Zach for going down with me.  

The service ended and we picked up the boys.  Both happy as could be.  As we were leaving church walking to the car Zach turned to me and said, "Don't thank me for going with you.  Thank you for taking me down there."  My heart just filled.  He told me he knew he needed to go down there, but wouldn't have made the decision on his own.  I feel so blessed knowing God is working on both of our hearts.  

The rest of the day was filled with the usual Sunday chores.  The grass had to be mowed.  Zach worked on the brakes of the car.  I'm so proud of him for that.  Something that I know is difficult, and he gave it a go anyway.  He should be able to complete them next weekend.  I spur of the moment bought a cheap baby wading pool that was on sale at Toys R' Us.  I thought it might give Grayson a bit of entertainment outside, but Jack insisted on getting in it too.  It was quite comical.  They loved it, and our neighbor came out and joined us.  It was lovely.  Hopefully, we can spend a few more hot days like that this summer.  Pictures to come.  

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I'm already ready for the next one! 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks babe, we are in a rough patch in our lives right now, however we have made it through alot in our nine years so i am sure we will make it through this too. I hate the fact that there are so many unknowns at this point. We are strong and will do everything to make our boys lives good. At the end of the day you three are what keeps me motivated on a daily basis. I love you all!


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