Life at 1572: We've made it

We've made it

We made it to Missouri. We are all really glad to be here. Jack, did ok on the flights. He didn't sleep at all during the last one. It is really getting cold here. Very different for all of us. Jack, is doing pretty well with all of the changes. He's a little shy. Zach and I left him yesterday to do some running, and I guess he had screaming fits the entire time we were gone. He just isn't very settled without his mom and dad around. We've already been to visit his little cousin, and he did great. No crying, and they even played together a little. We played in the leaves a little, but Jack cried every time they were piled on him. I guess they scared him. Anyway, I just wanted to give a little up date. I just can't stay away from the blogging. I was really missing my computer last night. I've been wanting to get on and check some stuff. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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