Life at 1572: Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day, and I would like to say Thank You to my husband, and all the Veterans we have. My husband has been to war twice, and will likely go again. I have a great appreciation for all of those that fight and who have fought for our freedom. Here are daddy and Jack at the park today. Jack, was busy walking all over the place. It was nice for the two of them to be able to go out and do something. They don't do that often enough.


Grandma Rosie said...

I would like to 2nd that. THANK YOU ZACH, my wonderful son for your part in protecting our Freedom. You and many others deserve all the thanks you can get.
Good that maybe you got a break too Amy. :)
Love you all.

Aunt Janet said...

We are so thankful you are home with your family this veteran's day,& every day that goes by that your still home is to be cherished by all of us. We are very thankful that Amy has given all of us a way to be involved with Jack growing but also with the WHOLE family as each day goes by and Zach is home with his family. So happy Vet-day & many more. Hugs to all & don't forget to give Sam a mint for us..ooxx

Grandma Nancy said...

To my kids,
Pics are great - yes it is great that the two of them get some boy-time. We are thankful & thinking of Zach especially today as we celebrate all vets for our freedom, including all the generations before us. Hope you guys had a good day together, getting excited to see all of you soon. There should be a countdown to Mo. oooxxx

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