Life at 1572: Christmas Cookies!

Christmas Cookies!

He's just too cute in the apron!
Mommy's little helper
I love to bake!

The fruits of my labor
ugh, the mess
sugar cookies

I spent most of the day today baking cookies. As you can see Jack was my little helper for a while. That is my apron he's wearing folded to fit him. I thought he was so cute in it! I made iced sugar cookies, snicker doodles, and chocolate crinkles. There were a few more than pictured Zach, ate a bunch of them as I was working. He said he'd never had a snicker doodle, and he loved them. Jack, liked them too he got a cookie for dessert. I really enjoyed making them. It just wouldn't be Christmas without baking some cookies, plus we have to have something to feed Santa ;) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Aunt Janet said...

Merry Christmas to all of you!!! Cookies look yum.. sugar high for Jack!! He looks like he helped alot. Yes he looks adorable in the apron. How did you keep Sam out of it all? Your Christmas card was very cute,Sam looks bored!!He might have issues now making him wear the reindeer ears.At least he didn't react like putting the boots on him. Its white and cold outside,chance of two more times this week for snow!!
Miss all of you - we will be thinking of each of you this morning at G-ma's.Best of all Zach is home, that's got to be the best feeling this year -- so enjoy each other and your day, lots of love!!

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