Life at 1572
I'm still sick. I got up and got moving yesterday doing some detailed cleaning of the kitchen, mopping and all. I thought I felt better, and I thought by moving it would maybe make things move out of my system. Instead I woke up at 3:30 am feeling much worse, and then I didn't get back to sleep until Jack napped at 9 am. We had a battle of a day. I think we are both going stir crazy, and he seems pretty fed up with me being sick. He is very much over having any sympathy for me. My thoughts for tomorrow is to battle the grocery store. I'm hoping getting us both out will do some good. I'm off to take some night time cold medicine and pass out.

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Grandma Rosie said...

Oh sweetie, hate to hear you are still feeling poorly :( Really wish you had some help out there!! It will get better though. Hang in there.

Hugs and kisses.

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