Life at 1572: Some pictures

Some pictures

Here are some pictures of Jack playing with his purse, Lol. Excuse the mess I guess this is how father and son get along while I'm upstairs recuperating. This pink purse was meant for someone else, and when I never got it to them I just threw it in Jack's play area. It has been in there for months now, and he has just discovered it. I came downstairs yesterday to see him carrying it on his shoulder walking all over the living room. He likes to sit down and open and close the flaps because of the velcro. Another new thing he does now is if you ask him a question, and it is something he wants he bobs his head up and down. I'm not sure where he got that from. Zach or I must nod when we answer. It is very cute. I'm still not feeling very well. It has all settled in my chest. I'm still way better than I was over the weekend.

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Aunt Janet said...

Jack looks soooo busy! It is amazing how kids discover new stuff yet no words spoken, always remember how they pick up ALL habits just by "watching"!!
Hope you start getting back to normal, it took me a week of massive drug taking every 4 hrs.
Usually I slack off after two days of taking meds, this time I decided to do it the way it is required. Worked better.

Hugs & kisses oooxxx

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