Life at 1572: Busy Times

Busy Times

We have been pretty busy running around trying to do things. We went and saw the Marines Silent Drill Team twice this weekend. Once at Pendleton, but since we didn't really get great seats we wanted to go again on Sat. at MCRD. They really brought out a crowd. We left early, and we lucky to get good seats. It was really nice to watch. We also go to see the Marine band play, and I love to watch them. I am trying to upload a video, but it seems like it is going to take a long time. I just hope it works. We also went to the beach yesterday. What I would call the real beach. We went to ocean beach. I really wanted to take Jack, so he could experience the sand and water. This was the first time he has been able to actually walk on the beach. He was really moving too. He walked from our blanket all the way out to the water. Then a wave came in, and it got his feet. That water is freezing right now! He didn't like that very much at all. He loved playing around in the dry sand though. I am hoping to go more when Zach gets back from WTI . We've just been doing the typical Sunday thing. It was really hard to drag ourselves out of bed for church with the time change. Church was pretty empty so I think everyone was having a hard time. They had a ministry fair after that we walked through. I got some information about the women's ministry, and the Mom's ministry. I am hoping to try to find something more to do within the church. We also got some information about the Military ministry. They meet every Friday, and they also go speak to the recruits at MCRD. Zach, gets a little hesitant, but I hope this is something we can do. We aren't very good at joining things. It is hard for us to do new things sometimes. Poor Jack he was just sitting on the teacher's lap when we got him after the service. The teacher really likes him.

Speaking of Jack, being a strange child. Yesterday, at MCRD we sat next to an 8 month old little girl who was very excited to see another little baby. Jack, on the other hand wasn't thrilled at all. He just stared holes in her. Then the mom gave Jack, some of the little girl's snacks, and it took him 5 minutes before he was even willing to touch them or eat them, LOL. Then Zach sat on the ground with Jack in his lap, and the little girl's father sat with her. The little girl grabbed Jack by the shirt and pulled him to her. Jack, was busy pulling away as hard as he could. Then the little girl let out what we now call an "Adrianna" squeal, and Jack BURST into wailing tears. Oh my goodness, talk about embarrassing! The parents just sat with a shocked look on their faces. Then they started apologizing. I had to reassure them that this was common, and not to worry. The little girl let out another squeal, and Jack just started sobbing harder. That was then end of trying to let the little girl see Jack. I just pray that maybe by the time he's little older he can be over this. Maybe when I can logically explain that everything is fine. We are going to throw a party when this boy learns to socialize!

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Grandma Rosie said...

Maybe it is good Jack doesn't like little girls?? LOL you wont have any problems then when he is a teenager. :)

Glad you 3 had a good weekend before Zach leaves. I am sure you are really dreading it. Maybe the time will go by faster than you think???? We can only pray.

The video did come through and it wasn't long at all. You need to check to see if something like that will be somewhere when Ev and I are there. Would love to go see it.

Talk soon. Love you all

Grandma Rosie

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