Life at 1572
I am uploading a bunch of pictures from our weekend. This evening we took Sam to the dog park. It was full of little dogs for him to play with, and he did pretty good not just hiding under the bench. Jack, is fun to watch he just runs around to all the dogs. He does this thing where he squats down, and then leans his face into the dog waiting for some dog kisses. The other thing is when a dog starts coming at him he squats down and yells "hiiiiiii" at the dog. Thankfully, the park was full of nice owners that didn't mind a toddler petting their dogs. This evening at home, Jack has been having a hell of a time. He was super grouchy pretty much all evening. Yelling and whining at us all night. The little fits have started to pop in here and there. He'll jerk his arm away from me, or if I am in the kitchen cooking dinner sometimes he'll even throw himself on the floor in a fit it he can't get in the kitchen. I believe we have some troubled times ahead of us. No matter what though he is my sweet angel boy. Watching him learn and grow is so fun and rewarding.

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Aunt Janet said...

Self-expression in toddlers is soooo much fun, soon you will be saying I want those easy days back!!
Glad Sam had a good time, he doesn't seem the type that would hide, I thought he was very social kind of dog.
Hope you gave hugs/kissed to Zach from all of us, will he be able to talk with you guys very often? Will there be a way to get on-line with him? Hope so.
This week is finally getting to become spring, some days will be low to mid 60's. Probably will get a cold snap since Easter is coming.


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