Life at 1572: Mmmm berry goodness

Mmmm berry goodness

I thought we could use a little extra fresh produce in this house. With the rise of fruits and vegetables I tend to shy away from purchasing out of season. There are several things I have been wanting Jack to try so I went ahead and bought some extras this shopping trip. I only ended up spending $20 more than I usually do. I normally stretch $150 into 2 weeks worth of food, and from what I hear that is pretty good. So this past week Jack, has been devouring things like strawberries and blackberries. The strawberries are all gone, and I think the blackberries will be gone tomorrow. Needless to say I think I will be buying more fruits next time I go shopping. His next fruit to try is raspberries. I don't think I posted it, but about two weeks ago one of his top teeth started to come in, and today one of his top canine teeth has poked through the gum. That is for a total of 4. He hasn't been very grouchy, but his mouth seems sore to the touch so I gave him a dose of Motrin. I've uploaded some pictures of Jack, making funny blackberry faces, and one that looks a little scary!

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Aunt Janet said...

He looks like he will be stained for awhile! A cutie! Just remember some of us have different effects from fruit, it might cause very FULL diapers!!

Does Sam like fruits, like he likes veggies? Guess not all will be a good thing for dogs!

Love Aunt Janet oooxxx

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