Life at 1572: I can make you thin

I can make you thin

Anyone out there watching this new TLC show I Can Make You Thin? It is on Sunday nights. I missed the first episode, but then DVRed it and Zach and I watched it last night. So far it seems like commons sense stuff. The guy that does the show is Paul McKenna, and he is very known in Britain. He is a hypnotist. He hypnotized Ellen DeGeneres to stop smoking. Ellen says the stuff he does really works. Anyway, he was on Ellen the other day talking about his new show, and he had the audience to a few quick things, and then he hypnotized this girl into not wanting to eat chocolate. She was supposed to picture eating the chocolate with a food she really hated. Anyway, so I'm sitting on my couch just casually playing along, and doing the things he's saying. He said that basically after you do his stuff when it comes to food you will be able to take it or leave it. So that was that and I didn't think about it the rest of the evening. I had already planned what I was going to have for dinner grilled chicken, cooked carrots, and broccoli. It sounded so good to me, and I was really looking forward to it. Dinner time rolled around, and I started to get really hungry. So, I cooked everything and sat down to eat. I took a bite, and it tasted absolutely disgusting in my mouth. I tried taking several bites, and every time it was just nasty to me. I ended up throwing it all away. I know complete waste! I was no longer hungry, and the thought of food was just kind of making me feel sick. A few hours later it hits me. OMG I think that guy hypnotized me! I swear to you. It was so weird because I hadn't thought about the Ellen show all evening. I really think something strange happened. Needless to say I'm very interested in checking out his show.

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Aunt janet said...

Yes I have been watching it, he makes it very interesting, like everything it will take discipline. Getting started is the hard part. It is so different that it might work longer since you can eat whatever you want. I can't remember the tapping thing, wonder if it would work for any stress not just eating, boy do I need that! There is a web-site.

Jack looks like he was having fun, I remember Eric helping with dying of the eggs, while going thru his basket his feet were "smurf blue". I took a pic of it still wondering how he got his bottom of his feet BLUE!!Knowing how Eric is he probably stuck his foot in the bowl of dye.
Yes I wish those egg hunts in my backyard were still going on. You guys always came out of that with more money than candy. I think I hid at least 50 eggs.
Glad Zach got to be home for this celebration!! Pics are good.


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