Life at 1572
I think I am starting to feel a little better. I thought I was fine yesterday, but as the evening went on I got another fever. I hope I won't have any of that today. I talked to Zach, last night and he kept talking to me about the visitation they have out there today. It is from 8-6, we got an email about it from our KV (Key Volunteers) suggesting that we carpool, and to let them know if we are going in case something should happen. Zach, kept saying he really wanted us to come, and I was just getting angrier by the second. First, I hate the position that puts me in, and second it makes me feel like crap for not going out there. He just didn't get it, and that was making it worse. I kept trying to explain to him that I am SICK! I told him about my fever, and my inability to stay out of the bathroom for whatever reason. I was hoping I wasn't going to have to go into gory details to get this through his head. He finally said okay, but I could tell he was mad. I think the whole thing is really stupid. They either shouldn't have visitors, or they should let them come home on weekends, or they should provide the wives with some sort of shuttle service out there. It is a 4+ hour drive across the freaking state! I think that just puts people at an unnecessary danger. Drive 8 hours just to visit for nine. I'm sorry I just think that is ridiculous.

On a lighter note Jack, learned to say cracker and birdie. He stares out our big window watching for birds to land on the light pole. He learned cracker from all the crackers he has watched mommy eat while sick. He has had his fair share too. The truth is I haven't had anything to really eat in 3 days. I never knew I could go that long without food, LOL!

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Aunt Janet said...

It does seem like you guys have had a bigger percent of having the flu this season!! But I think it started before Jack went to daycare?
I don't blame you for wanting to stay home while feeling yucky, especially if you were carpooling with others.Sounds like Jack knows when mommy is needing cooperation, thats hard to understand. Good boy Jack!! Hope it doesn't last long & Jack stays clear!


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