Life at 1572: Attack of the dirty clothes

Attack of the dirty clothes

Just another day around here. We really didn't do anything today. I was hoping Eric wouldn't be bored out of his mind, but he said that it was okay with him. He gets a taste of my daily life I guess. Boring with a capitol B! That is okay though because I don't really mind the day to day. I tried to catch up on all my dirty laundry. I think I've done 5 loads so far. Is that kind of disgusting? Haha. Well, I'll just say I was taking a laundry break. Only when my husband asked me kindly if he could maybe have some clean underwear for the next day did I decide my break should be over. It isn't really the washing and drying that I can't stand. It is the folding and the putting away. We have no room for the amounts of clothes we own. More keeps coming in, and nothing is going out. It is time for a closet, and dresser drawers overhaul.

Eric, has been really helpful while he has been here. We have even left Jack with him a few times for a fast errand. This evening I left them together while I ran Zach some dinner. He has duty tonight. I came back to find Jack fast asleep on Eric. This is the second time he has done this. It cracks us up because we can't get him to sleep on us for anything in the world. I miss that sleepy cuddle time!


Aunt janet said...

That's because Eric is my cuddler, he's brood enough & got the padding to make a good bed for Jack. Maybe he kinda remembers I've done this before. BFFL

Eric looks like hot pink on your face!!! Sunscreen that nose please.
Thanks for the pics,
Talk later oooooxxxxx

kalyn said...

my mom is right Eric has always been one to cuddle, even with me (i think he will deny i said that) i'm glad to see Eric is having fun.

miss you guys, and Eric.

love you.

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