Life at 1572: Rude people suck.

Rude people suck.

I am not in the best of moods this evening. I have some things I think I need to vent about. I hate to be all negative on the blog, but whatever this is my life right now. Zach, and I had a bbq this afternoon. Zach, has been in the mood to grill for a group of people. Anyway, I passed out the invites asking people to please RSVP, and tell us what they might be bringing to the party. I got one confirmed RSVP. Okay, fine I know in this day people don't really do the RSVP thing. So, I set out for some verbal confirmations. I had invited 7 families to come. I explained to people that we are buying food, and we didn't want to over do it. Just yesterday I had verbal commitment from most of the group. They even went as far as to tell me what they would be bringing. Okay, great now we have something going here.
This morning Zach, and I went to the store we bought what we needed for this afternoon. We ended up spending $50. The bbq was to be at 1:00 in the afternoon. We were going to eat, and then swim at the pool. 1:00 rolls around, we have no guests. A little later my one RSVP arrives, and soon after another friend I knew I could count on. More and more time goes by, and no one else is coming. Texting starts between all these people. Next thing I know the excuses start flying through. Basically, oh sorry we aren't coming. What the hell?!?! You aren't coming? You didn't even have the decency to call me and tell me this? So, now we are sitting here with a ridiculous amount of food, guacamole with no chips b/c someone was supposed to bring them, etc. etc. I felt horrible. The girls that did come also brought lots of food. What a freaking waste! What is wrong with people? They didn't even have the balls to call and just say they weren't coming. I had to track these people down. I know maybe it shouldn't be a big deal, and maybe I am overreacting, but I am just appalled. I am really mad because I drag my butt out of bed to go do things with these people. I drag myself and Jack together to do their daily treks to the Starbucks when I don't even drink coffee. I've put myself out there to these people. Whatever, all I can say is RUDE!

On a lighter note though the food we did have was very yummy. We enjoyed ourselves with the family that did come, and Jack had a good time swimming. We also fed the lifeguards, LOL.


Michelle Leigh said...

I'm sorry, that really sucks. I think it's super rude. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but if you are going to make the commitment to come, at least have the decency to call and say you can't come and apologize up and down. I'd be pissed too. Maybe these people aren't worth your time. THey don't sound very nice.

The Swigarts said...

Well, you know you've got a friend here in North Carolina.

~Pete, LeighAnn, and Lil Kenzie

Grandma Rosie said...

Oh sweetie, vent all you want!!!you have the right too. I would have been pissed as well. At least you found out who you can count on.

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