Life at 1572: More about the neighbor

More about the neighbor

I have never posted on Amy's Blog before but this is an issue taht I need to talk about. As you all know we have been having issues with our CRAZY NEIGHBOR, well I went to the housing office today to ask them about the parking spot that was in question, and they let me talk to the manager whom informed me that their had been a complaint about our dog, Sam, whom we are not supposed to have. They informed me that they would be coming through next week to ensure taht he was gone. So now we have to get rid of him. they didn't tell me that it was the neighbor but Amy and I both know it was her. Now we have to try and eplain to our 19 month old son where his ssam is when he asks. I hope that she is happy with herself.
I am sick to my stomach knowing that someone would do this over a dang parking spot. I mean, I know how attached to my first dog when I was a kid so I know that our son will be upset that he doesn't have his buddy to chase around or to throw the ball to anymore. How does someone do this, I know that we were taking the chance by having Sam anyway, but for someone to complain about him, when the maintenance people have seen him an not said anything, that is obsurd. Apparently this lady does not have a brain in her head, because she didn't think about the 19 month old child that is going to be crushed when he realizes his buddy is gone and not coming back.



Grandma Nancy said...

My heart is broken for all of you, especially Jack and Sam. Talk about a real life Wicked Witch of the West! Like I said, I wonder where she keeps the flying monkeys. She is a very disturbed person, she has shown that many times over the years. I agree with Aunt Janet, you both really need to settle this with her.
I love you all!

Aunt Janet said...

Write down EVERYTHING you both want to say to her, then read it to her(DON'T give it to her) & be completely done with her, try to cope for Jack's sake, that Sam is going away for awhile.

It was a matter of time, she is insane, no feelings what so ever!

As far as the parking spot maybe you can tape it off with proof from the housing authority papers to show her.

We can only hope & pray that the base someday realizes it is unfair to restrict half of the people in their housing area on "no pets" rule!!

Please try to have a good time with the days Zach has at home, Sam will be loved by us & I know these words really don't help right now.

We love all of you, now I will have to take away a "xo" at the end after today.

Talk later oooooxxxxx

Grandma Rosie said...

OMG, how aweful!!! I also agree with Janet, this needs to be addressed with this woman immediately. Not that it will help with the problem at hand, having to find Sam as good of home as he has now. :(

Zach and his first dog, Allie, was a different situation but I remember how heartbroken Zach was when he lost her. A boy DEFINATELY needs his dog and Jack will be lost without Sam. My heart is breaking for him, and the 2 of you. The woman was WRONG to do this and I hope she feels terrible when she finds out that Jack has to loose his best buddy. (I doubt she will though).

I love all of you. Hang in there,

Hugs and kisses.

Michelle Leigh said...

Oh, I am so sorry. If I were you, I would keep him and let him crap in her yard! What is the deal with not being able to have a dog? What will happen if you keep him? I would address her and let her know how heartless she is being. She is acting like a child, just ridiculous! Good luck and I hope you can work this out, for Sam and Jack's sake!

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