Life at 1572: Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008

Opening on Christmas Eve

Thomas the Train

Cool dude in his shades

Funny pic. Dri kept picking her nose, and Jack was throwing himself around to make the chair rock.

Doctor Jack

My little helper

We had a good Christmas even though Zach wasn't here with us. We did get to talk to him on the phone, and so did the rest of the family. The night before Jack got to open a couple of Christmas Eve presents. He got new pj's and a Christmas book.

We slept in until about 8:00 in the morning. Then Jack, opened all of his presents from Daddy, Mommy, and Santa. He was very excited about his elk DVD. This kid loves elk, and can even do an elk call. He got a GI Joe and he calls it Daddy or Adam depending on his mood. He also got a Thomas the Train starter set, and he loves it. He has just recently gotten into trains ever since we saw Santa on his train. We also had our traditional biscuits and gravy once the entire family got to my Grandma's house. He got to open more presents. I tried to get a nice Christmas picture of the two little ones, but kept getting really funny ones instead. That's okay those are the fun memories. After everyone left Jack took a much needed four hour nap. To gear up for Christmas round three.

Grandma Rosie, Aunt Evy, and Andrew all came over with all of their gifts. He got some pretty cool stuff from them. He loves dragons, and they actually found him a toy dragon that walks and roars. He was scared of it last night not wanting to push it to make it go, but this morning he was brave and started to play with it. He also got a pretty vacuum. He loves to help with the vacuuming. He had received a doctor dress up from Grandma Nancy. He playing doctor, while he was vacuuming. I said a doctor that vacuums what a catch for any woman! Haha! We hope everyone had as great of a Christmas as we did. I know we are very fortunate.

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