Life at 1572: Project 365 2009

Project 365 2009

I have been attempting since the beginning of the year to do project 365 this year.  For those of you that don't know Project 365 is where you compile a picture a day for the entire year.  A picture of anything going on in your life.  

This is actually my third attempt at this project.  Needless to say I have always failed.  Had the best of intentions, but just couldn't follow through.  Recently, I saw a coffee table book that someone had made out of their last 365 pictures.  This has spurred me to complete the project this year.  I'd love to have a photo book photo journaling an entire year.  Especially, since this year will bring so many changes for us.  I also want to improve my photography skills, and what better way to do it than to take more pictures.  I cheat a little and add more than one picture from each day.  I pick the ones I really like.  

The point isn't perfections just pure photo fun.  If you like the idea start your own project 365.  No, reason you have to start January 1st.  I have added my photos using Flickr.  It is very easy to set up an account.  I know several other people that just use their blogs to document their photos.  If you are participating in Project 365 let me know I would love to check it out.  I will be continually adding photos to my Flickr account.  You can check it out by clicking on my Flickr badge over on my sidebar.  

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Singell Family said...

Love all your pics! You are great a capturing such good photos!

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