Life at 1572: Finally a post...

Finally a post...

I haven't been able to blog for a while. So, much goes on around here, and then I have a hard time remembering what I wanted to blog about. I bought my plain tickets home today, and almost started crying my eyes out while I did it. We are going home April 10th. I made it as last minute as I could. I have to get home by the 15th though so I can get our taxes done on the base. They always do them for free for us. I'm cutting it close so I should have fun waiting in line to get that done!

I am very sad to leave though. I think this is the best time that I have had here during a deployment. Jack, is so much older, and he can finally interact with everyone. I'm a little scared of what he is going to think when we get home to San Diego, and all of his family isn't there.

Yummy Snow!
Eating cotton candy in his Thomas pj's.

We had what I think will be the last snow. It was a big one! Jack, could barely walk in it. It wasn't really snowman snow so we weren't able to make one of those this year, but we still had fun. He ate quite a bit of it. Something Grandma taught him to do! Haha! We playing in it for a long time, and his cheeks got so red, but he kept saying he wanted to stay outside.

He got new Thomas The Train pj's. A little gift from an afternoon of mommy running errands. I am pretty bad about always bringing him something home if I have been out. I couldn't resist the Thomas though. He is so into it right now. We are going to decorate his big boy room with Thomas accents when we get home. He plays with his trains everyday, all day long.

Pictures added to Flickr on the side there.


Michelle Leigh said...

Great pictures Amy! I love the snow ones! Enjoy the rest of your time with your family!

The Swigarts said...

It is always hard to leave but hopefully your going home means that it is that Zach is that much closer to coming home!! Your pictures are great, I love the 2nd one, his eyes look so bright!

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