Life at 1572: Haircut


Jack, got his hair trimmed the other night.  I am in no way a professional hair stylist, and he is like trying to cut hair on a wild monkey.  Zach, said he doesn't want me to cut his hair while he is gone.  I think he was hoping it would grow into a long, shaggy, California dude type of look.  His hair isn't growing on the sides though so he's kind of rocking the mullet.  He has cute curls in the back that I can't bare to chop off right now.  So, trying to respect Dad's wishes I have just been giving him tiny trims.  When I combed his hair forward it was in his eyes, and the ends were starting to look stringy so he got a fast trim after bath.  He has my hair, and I didn't start having good hair until I was three.  So, I am hoping it will start to grow in a little more soon.  





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Singell Family said...

You did a great job! Remember when you were cutting Zachs hair when I was in California with you guys! lol Good times!

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