Life at 1572: Visiting the Elk

Visiting the Elk


We went and visited the Elk a few days ago. Elk, are one of Jack's favorite animals. He even does an elk call. We brought carrots with us to feed them. Of course Jack, was scared to feed them at first. He is frightened of the world, and has to be coaxed into everything. He finally let us help him feed them, and eventually he stared feeding them himself. He gladly said, "I do it byself." They also have buffalo, but they weren't close enough to feed. Jack, calls them buffo, and it is so cute we make him repeat it over and over.

We also took his spiderman kite, and flew it on a windy day. He was sort of into the kite, but also really wanted to play in the gravel rocks. We all took turns flying the kite. The wind ended up ripping the kite out of Jack's hands on his turn. Floated away and got caught in a tree. Good thing it was only a $1 at walmart. I recommend those kites. We have used them before. They fly great, and are cheap so no big deal if something happens to it. Something fun to put in the Easter baskets for kids.



Singell Family said...

I love the picture of Jack looking up at the kite! Great picture of him!

Aunt Janet said...

Had a few good kite days in March, glad he got to use his!You guys got here & it snowed shortly afterwards & now it snowed for Jack before you guys leave.


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