Life at 1572: First official haircut

First official haircut

Jack, got his first official haircut yesterday.  His hair has just been so thin, and is always on the wild side lately.  Hopes are that it will start to grow in a little thicker.   It should look better if we decide to let it grow out too.  

He was pretty nervous biting his bottom lip most of the time.  He didn't cry though, just looked worried the whole time.  Finally, towards the end of it he opened up and started to talk a little.  Danny, my hair stylist, said he is the best kid he has ever cut hair for.  Poor kid just doesn't have any side hair.  Maybe it will start growing soon.

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Aunt Janet said...

How cute -- he sure has a sweet & innocent look to him sitting there, but we know he is on the go constantly + he is 2!


Michelle Leigh said...

Super cute! What a fun moment!

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