Life at 1572: Up and Running

Up and Running

The tech guy just left so I finally have some internet. That is a long story. I waited a week for them to get here, and then they called and said they overbooked could they come the next day. Okay, fine just get it fixed soon please. Yesterday, he called at 2:30 saying he would be here in 15 minutes. Two hours later he was a no show. Several phone calls later it turns out the MPs were giving him a hard time, and they wouldn't let him on the base. Finally, he showed up this afternoon. So when I get an extra minute to sit down here and blog be prepared to be bombarded with pictures.


Singell Family said...

Yay pictures!

Grandma Rosie said...

FINALLY. Missing the 2 of you and will finally have updates!!!! :)


Grandma Rosie

Aunt Janet said...

Amazing how our lives have relied on the internet, how did we ever survive before?? Guess that's one invention we don't want to be without.


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