Life at 1572
I have so much to blog about. All of the boring update stuff so bear with me. I think I'll spread it out over a few posts. Most important though is my husband will be home from his third tour in Iraq on Monday! He is getting in a few days early. We are very excited and busy around here. I'm still trying to get things organized. Things are all over, and it is making me feel crazy. I've lived here for years, but for some reason I'm feeling like we have just moved in. Mostly, because I am in the process of changing nearly every room in our house. Our major project is changing Jack's room over from his nursery to his Big Boy room. There are those six boxes filled with our things that I'm trying to find space for. I haven't accomplished half of the things I had hoped I would, but I am trying to take things a step at a time. The next post you will get is of my hubby's homecoming. You know that is if I can find the time winkwink, nudgenudge.


Singell Family said...

Lol! Well you have lots of fun when he gets home! Cant wait to see pics! Cant wait to hear about how Jack reacts to his Daddy being home. I think that is always the best part of the whole thing!

Aunt janet said...

Boy,a few days early, we don't do early very good, even though this would be the best early reason that there could be.
Jack has had to absorb a lot lately. Getting home was exciting for him, now of course daddy will be home. Sure he will be carrying his "daddy doll" when he sees him, well today is a great day for you guys! Give Zach huge hugs & kisses from us!!!

ooo xxx

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