Life at 1572: Homecoming 2009

Homecoming 2009

Our date got moved, and Zach didn't get in until the 28th. They arrived on time in the early afternoon. I wasn't sure how Jack, was going to behave since he was missing his nap. When we would talk about Daddy coming home earlier in the week, he just kind of buried into himself with an embarrassed look. So, I had no idea what his reaction to actually seeing Zach would be.
When they finally let us out the doors to stand on the flight line to wait for them to fly in I said, "This is it Daddy is coming home." Jack, just covered his mouth with both hands and let out some gut busting giggles. Needless to say he was excited! We cheered as the plane approached and touched down, and anxiously tried to pick him out as the Marines descended the stairs. Then the agonizing wait for weapons turn in, and finally he was by our side. Jack, took right to him with no hesitations. We were busy laughing and hugging waiting for the gear to show up so we could finally go home.
The rest of the evening was spent just relaxing, and enjoying our time as a family. If Zach got out of Jack's site he would holler out, "Daddy?!" He feared he would disappear again. Jack, even needed extra reassurance at bedtime that yes, Daddy would really still be here in the morning. Typical Jack you have to prove everything to him.


Singell Family said...

Love the pics! Made me cry! I just love homecomings!!!

The Swigarts said...

Welcome back Zach!! Can't wait to see you all soon.

patrick and mandi said...

Congratulations! Even though mine isn't till next year still, this made me a little excited for it :)

Grandma Rosie said...

OH I am so happy that the "boys" are back together. This is the way it should be. :) So happy to talk to Zach as well. Made me cry reading how it went down. You all deserve to be together and happy.

Love and miss you all. Keep the pics coming.


Anonymous said...

Hooray!!!! He is home, hope for a long time. Now Jack can be doubled spoiled for awhile anyway.

Glad to hear the reunion went good.
Zach we are so proud of you -- wish we could give real hugs!

Also glad the witch has melted away!lol:)

Aunt Janet said...

that was my comments that is signed anonymous

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