Life at 1572: We Love Crayola!

We Love Crayola!

We have two new favorite Crayola products in our house. The first product is the Crayola Washable Window Markers. I got these markers because we have a big sliding glass door in our kitchen, and Jack and I tend to spend a lot of time together in the kitchen. Usually I am trying to accomplish something so I thought this might keep him busy. He loves it! I love seeing his scribble art. The ink comes off the windows very easily. It did leave a bit of a film so it took a little extra wiping to get the windows clean. If cleaning windows isn’t your thing then you won’t like this product.

The second thing we love are the Crayola Color Bath Dropz. I have wanted these for Jack for a long time, and I finally snagged them from our local store. I wish I had bought them sooner! They are such a hit. For the first week that I had them he was begging for a bath during the day. This product might be great if you have little one that does not enjoy taking a bath. It comes with yellow, blue, and red bath dropz. You add different dropz to make different colors. At night I ask Jack if he is ready for his bath, and he screams yes running up the stairs yelling out what color he’s going to make. He loves picking the tablets, and throwing them in the water. It has been a fun way to quiz him on his colors.


Lisa said...

Pretty sure I'm going to find those dropz, nothing like colored water to bathe in.

Brooke said...

Hope they don't turn Jack colors. I'm glad to see Zach back and you guys getting to have fun as a family. I enjoy getting on here and checking out all the stories and pics. Glad to see GG Joe made it back ok. Take care. Love ya

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