Life at 1572: The Beach/Friday Five

The Beach/Friday Five

We went to the beach the other day late in the afternoon, and kind of impromptu. We just haven’t been very much, and our weekends are always packed with things to do, or we are super tired from the week. I didn’t gather up much a few snacks, something to sit on, and Jack’s beach toys. Of course the sunscreen, we have to slather that stuff on.

It was really crowded when we got there, and I couldn’t figure out why so many people were there in the middle of the week in the afternoon. Zach, reminded me it is vacation time. Duh! I forget we live in a vacation destination spot. It was super crowded, but we found ourselves a little piece of beach and claimed as our own. Jack had a fantastic time running, and playing in the water. The water was warm and felt great. You never know how he is going to react sometimes he hates the water, and other times you can’t get him out of it. Zach took Jack deeper into the ocean. Jack didn’t like that very much, but he was brave and didn’t cry.

He was soaked when they came back in. Jack said the water is salty, and tastes good.
I snapped some pictures, and relaxed in the sand. Jack came back to our spot to build a sandcastle, and we had forgotten his buckets and things in the car. Poor kid only had a ¼ cup measuring cup to use as a scoop because I couldn’t find the shovel before we left the house. He made do and got busy digging holes, and burying his pigs in the sand. We are hoping to head back this weekend, and really make a day of it. Take our beach umbrella, chairs, and all the supplies.

It was the first time he was brave enough to chase the gulls.


Jack is really flourishing on our new routine. I hope it keeps up, but two year olds change on a dime. I’m letting him wake up whenever he wants to, and the other day he slept in until 9. He loves his sleep. I’ve put a time schedule on his two snacks, quiet time, and nap. I was having problems with him going to the pantry, and opening it begging for something to eat. He’d snack on different things at random times, or fill up on things like chocolate milk, and he wasn’t eating as well. His naps were getting shorter and shorter. So I just scheduled everything into my phone, and a little reminder goes off throughout our day. He’s figured out he has to eat at his snack time, or he won’t get to eat until the next meal. Knock on wood he’s even napping an hour longer. It was stressful the first few days. Lots of whining for food and such, but he’s over it now.

A Jack Funny: The other night we were eating smoked sausage, macaroni, broccoli, and salad for dinner. Jack turned to me and asked, “Mommy can I have some more ostwich (ostrich) please?” We had to bite our tongues to keep from laughing. He really just wanted more sausage. I had no idea I was making wild bird for dinner, ha-ha!

Friday Five
1. Who is making a positive difference in your life?
2. Where would like to be right now?
3. What is the first thing you would do with a $5,000 gift?
4. What super power would you really like to have?
5. What’s your favorite sound?


The Whitsitt Family said...

1.Jack makes a positive difference in my life. Having him around makes me demand more of myself. I strive to be a good person, and maybe if he wasn’t here some of those things would slip. He makes me more aware of my actions, my words, my decisions. I try to have a more positive outlook on things for his sake.

2.I would like to be back home in Missouri for a bit to be with family, or I would like to have my Mom and my Grandma out here. I miss them terribly.

3.With $5,000 responsibly I would pay off what little we owe on our car, and make sure all the bills are paid. Maybe get a few new clothes and go to nice dinner, and save what might be left. If it was just for fun I would upgrade my camera, get some awesome lenses, and buy a Mac.

4.I think maybe to be able to read minds, or be invisible.

5.The sound of Jack’s laughter and a good thunderstorm.

I hope you have fun playing along with the Friday Five. Feel free to answer even if you don’t catch it on Friday. I’m glad to have the comments! Have a fantastic weekend!


Ronda said...

1. I believe GOD makes a positive difference in my life. I try to do what he thinks is proper and live a moral life.

2. I would like to have all my kids and grandkids in one place for a short time. Maybe a short vacation.

3. I would buy a tv, computer and some clothes that fit better!

4. Well maybe the ability to click my heels and get where I want to instantly!

5. I love the sound of the girls laughter!

Grandma Rosie said...

He looks like he is having so much fun and glad he seems to be getting braver. He is growing up SO FAST!!!

1. Evynn makes a positive difference and I am hoping that once I get my training in for Wish Granter for Make-A-Wish foundation, those kids will make an even more positive difference in my life.

2. San Diego seeing you, Zach and Jack.

3. Travel to San Diego to see you three.

4. Flying at super speed so I could go wherever I could.

5. Family laughter.

Love you all so very much!!!


Grandma Rosie

Gina said...

1. That's a toss up, I am trying to become a better christian person so I'd have to go with God and then my husband and kids. When something is bothering me David has to remind me to just let it go, even thou it's hard sometimes, especially with family situations. I just read something on someones blog this week that really confused me and I was telling him about it and he said "don't even reply to it" And I didn't but was still pretty hurt by what it said. Really surprised me. I prayed about it as well.

2. A beach!!!! Anywhere. My pool is nice, but you can't beat the beach this time of year!

3. I'd upgrade my camera and enroll is some photography classes if it were all mine to spend!!! Otherwise I would use it towards adding on to our deck and doing major landscaping in our back yard/pool area.

4. To be invisible!!!!

5. The ocean!!

Gina said...
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Gina said...

Amy, what kind of camera do you have?

Singell Family said...

1. I would say my girls and this new baby make positive impacts on my life. I live for my children, and I strive to be a better mom, wife, and woman for them.

2. I want to go back to Disney World. We had soooo much fun there! I think that will have to wait though til the baby is older so we can all enjoy it!

3. $5,000.... pay some bills, and then buy baby stuff and clothes for everyone in our house.

4. I would love to have the superpower to snap my fingers and everything in the house would be clean. How awsome would that be!

5. My favorite sound is the girls playing and getting along, and the sound of our baby's heartbeat. I get tears in my eyes everytime I hear it!

Will you guys be having Ostrich more often now? lol

Brooke said...

1. My husband has made the most positive difference in my life. He always helps me see things from different points of views and is always there to help me through anything.
2. On a beach, or in the mountains.
3. Pay off some bills... I would rather go on vacation though.
4. I would like to be super fast so I could travel anywhere, anytime.
5. I love the sound of water. (thundersorms, ocean waves, rain on tin)

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