Life at 1572: 33 months

33 months

It cracks me up that sometimes I still have to refer to him in months. That is how his school asks for his age. Sometimes it is very easy for me to say, “Uh, hold on let me think.” The other day when Zach had to do it after checking him in he asked me how many months he is, I told him, and he said, “Yes, I got it right!” Guess he has trouble remembering too.

He’s my busy little almost three year old. *sniff* He’s going to school twice a week, and loving it. He always says, “I play with my friends.” He has learned all of his teachers’ names, and they have nicknamed him Action Jackson. He’s only there 4 hours of the day sometimes 5. The other day when I picked him up one of the teachers told me he is really smart. I really take that as a compliment because I know they see tons of kids throughout the week. Then yesterday when I picked him up another teacher told me he has the best manners of all the kids that go there. I just swell with pride because we work really hard on all the please and thank yous. I put him on the waiting list for 3 year old preschool twice a week at another facility. They said it is pretty full, and if we don’t get in by February then it will have to be for next year. No worries because he loves where he is right now.
I tried signing him up for soccer for ages 3 and up. The team starts in October on the 24th and exactly a month later he will be three, but they wouldn’t make an exception. Darn. We can’t wait for all that sports stuff. I’m sure next year we will be very busy with soccer and baseball.

He amazes me every day with the things he says. He definitely makes for some interesting conversations. He’s started picking out letters when he sees them, and the other day told me tent starts with the letter T. He loves to sing songs. I look up new songs with motions so we can learn them and sing them. He’s even come home from school singing a few words to a song, and I’ve been able to find it on the internet so we can learn it together. His teachers say he’s really the only kid that is willing to sing along with them, and they said he sings really loud. I love it!

He’s been doing or saying some really funny things, and I’ve been trying to write them all down.
He comes up to me all the time and grabs me in a big hug and says, “Mommy you are my vewy best fwind.” Ah, that melts my heart.

He loves to go to church. After church the other day we were walking out of the building, and Jack had an extra hop in his step from being so happy to be there. I said to him, “Jack you look so cool.” He replied, “I am cool!” That kid doesn’t miss a beat.

He has taken to eating graham and drinking pink lemonade while he watches his shows. He must not be hearing the word graham quite right because he said, “Mama I want more of those damn crackers.” The first time he said it I said, “What is it you want?” and I made him repeat it several times because it just cracks me up. He thinks he’s saying right because he doesn’t say that about any other kinds of crackers. Every time he says it it gives me a little giggle.

No Friday five this week. Hopefully set to resume next Friday.

Earlier this month we were at the store, and Jack spotted single serving birthday cake. He lurves him some birthday cake. It happened to be Kennedy's 2nd birthday so I let him choose a piece. That night we lit two candles and sang Kennedy Happy Birthday. He loved it.
Cake for Kennedy's birthday
We decked out for the preseason game. First game we got to watch the same night it actually was played. We had fun, and Jack cheered on the Chiefs.
First Cheifs game of the season 2009
Look what came in the mail for me!! My photography workshop binder. With a lovely note from Karen. The class starts the 14th I can't wait. I have to send my camera in to be serviced in a few days so we will be lacking pictures. I want it in tip top shape. Plus my baby needs to be checked out because Zach dropped it at Disneyland. We don't speak of it, haha.
Woohoo! Photography workshot


Singell Family said...

Loved this post! Jack is getting sooo big! You are going to have so much fun with your photography class. You will have to post a blog all about it!

Grandma Rosie said...

It is so nice to get compliments from teachers. Makes mom's, and dad's, so proud. Keep it up Jack!!!! So glad to see a pic of you and Jack together. I still think the boy looks like daddy, no if's, and's or but's however, in that picture, you can see a LOT OF MAMMA now too. :) Great shot!

Love and miss you all!!!!

Grandma Rosie

The Swigarts said...

He is getting so big! It is great to hear about the new things he is doing. I will have to get some ideas from you for ideas of things to do at home... I am running out of ideas!

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